Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities for Criminal Justice Students

Criminal justice studies students are eligible to participate in the National Criminal Justice Studies Internship Program. Interns are assigned to positions in public or private agencies directly or indirectly related to the criminal justice process. Internship normally occurs during the junior or senior year of study, although earlier placement may be made if circumstances justify such action. Students in intern positions receive academic credit for the time they spend with the agencies. UD criminal justice studies students have worked at intern positions in Ohio, California, Tennessee and New York and elsewhere across the United States.

Collaborative Criminal Justice Internships

For the past several years, the University of Dayton's Criminal Justice Studies Program has been able to place CJS students interested in forensic science in a special internship with the Dayton Police Department's Bureau of Identification (Crime Scene Investigation Unit). The Bureau of Identification is linked closely to the Montgomery County Coroner's Office and the Miami Valley Regional Crime Lab. Specifically, UD students have been able to work with the bureau's evidence technicians, which actually places them at crime scenes where they assist in the locating, preservation, and documentation of physical evidence. This particular internship experience has proven to be most valuable to our students because it enhances their knowledge of evidentiary protocol and judicial requirements relative to the valid admission (in court) of physical evidence.

The Menternship Program

"Menterns" (Mentoring Interns) are available to help criminal justice studies students choose an internship experience. These more experienced students have "Been there, done that!"  When a student decides to start an internship, that student is assigned a mentern, a student who's been a successful intern. The mentern will be available from the beginning, helping the student with choices related to his or her internship. They are also available throughout the academic year to answer any questions the student may have about the internship program.

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