Student Organizations

Omega Phi Delta (OPD) and Alpha Phi Sigma (APS)

The Criminal Justice Studies Program at the University of Dayton offers its majors an opportunity to take learning beyond the classroom by joining Omega Phi Delta, which has recently been expanded to also include the national honor society Alpha Phi Sigma. Membership in OPD is open to anyone campus wide, but the distinction of being a member of APS as well is an honor available to criminal justice students only (majors and minors are eligible).

  • OPD and APS members are actively involved in community, regional and national criminal justice events, such as the Midwestern Criminal Justice Association, the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, and others.
  • Omega Phi Delta was recently recognized as the "top student organization on campus."
  • The organization sponsors community, social and guest speaker events.
  • OPD and APS is involved in impactful and engaging volunteer efforts within the community of Dayton.


  • A number of federal government agencies will place APS members one pay grade above entry level upon hiring.


Delamatre Reid Sloan
Elizabeth Delamatre, President Lauren Reid, President Jennifer Sloan, Treasurer

Not shown: Gabrielle Boltz, Vice President


OPD: $20.00 each semester of membership

APS: $50.00 one-time fee at time of application

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