Taking Notes

Faculty Research

The research and scholarly efforts of our faculty ensure a vibrant and engaged environment for learning. Recent research and scholarship projects are listed below.

Book Chapters

Picca, L. H., Thompson-Miller, R. (2013). "Backstage Racism: Implications for Teaching". In Banks, J. A., McGee Banks, C. A. (Eds.), Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives (8th edition, pp. 201-216). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Publishers.

Picca, L. H., Thompson-Miller, R. (2014). Book Chapter Contribution. "Student Journal Writing: Connecting Academic Theories to Everyday Racial Events". In Haltinner, K. (Ed.), Teaching Race and Anti-Racism in Contemporary America: Adding Context to Colorblindness (pp. 313-319). New York, NY: Springer Publishers.

Book Reviews

Thompson-Miller, R.How Racism Takes Place.


Fleury-Steiner, B., Longazel, J. (2013). The Pains of Mass Imprisonment. New York, NY: Routledge.


Forbis, J. S. (Principal), Polzella, D. J. (Co-Principal). "Where Do the Arts Take Us?." Sponsored by National Endowment for the Arts, $10,000. (June 2012 - August 2013).

Longazel, J. "Contextualizing Notario Fraud: Governance, Lay Lawyering, and the Struggle for Immigrant Legal Services." Sponsored by University of Dayton Research Council, $6,500. (May 2013 - September 2013).

Invited Lectures & Addresses

Jipson, A. J. "Criminal Justice Studies in 2013." Ohio Criminal Justice Education workshop, Ohio Council of Criminal Justice Education, Athens, Ohio. (December 21, 2013).

Jipson, A. J. "Social Media, the Homeless, and Police Departments." Ohio Council of Criminal Justice Education Regional, Ohio Council of Criminal Justice Education, Athens, Ohio. (October 27, 2013).

Longazel, J. The Future of Hazleton, Pennsylvania State University - Hazleton / Greater Hazleton Historical Society, Hazleton, Pa. (June 5, 2013).

Thompson-Miller, R. "The Legacy of the Jim Crow South." Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio. (February 15, 2013).

Journal Articles

Cassiman, S. A. (2013). "Neoliberal Globalization, Human Waste and Wasted Humans: On Reimagining the Commons." Lo Sqaderno, 29. http://www.losquaderno.professionaldreamers.net/?page_id=1087

Cassiman, S. A., Abney-Korn, K., Fleetham, D. (2013). "While we were sleeping: From dystopia to global awakening." Perspectives on Global Development and Technology, Spring (12: 1-2), 80-97.

Davis-Berman, J. L. (2013). "Contributing cause of death: Poverty." Journal of Social Work in End-of Life and Palliative Care, 9(4), 244-246.

Davis-Berman, J. L., Berman, D. S. (2013). "The role of therapeutic adventure in meeting the mental health needs of children and adolescents: Finding a niche in the health care systems of the US and the UK." Journal of Experiential Education, 36(1), 51-64.

Forbis, J. S. (2013). "Organized Civil Society: A Cross National Evaluation of Non-Governmental Organization Density on Governmental Corruption." Sociological Focus.

Litka, S. J. (2013). "The Maya of Cobá: Managing Tourism in a Local Ejido," Annals of Tourism Research, vol. 43: 350-369.

Longazel, J. (2013). "Subordinating Myth: Latino/a Immigration, Crime, and Exclusion." Sociology Compass, 7(2), 87-96. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/soc4.12018/pdf

Longazel, J. (2013). "Moral Panic as Racial Degradation Ceremony: Racial Stratification and the Local-Level Backlash against Latino/a Immigrants." Punishment & Society, 15(1), 96-119.

Longazel, J., Fleury-Steiner, B. (2013). "Beware of Notarios: Neoliberal Governance of Immigrants as Crime Victims." Theoretical Criminology, 17(3), 359-376.

Sansone, R., Kelley, A., Forbis, J. S. (2013). "The Relationship between Forgiveness and Borderline Personality Symptomatology." Journal of Religion and Health.


Longazel, J.European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control.


Cassiman, S. A. (2014). "Social Work," in 2nd Edition National Poetry Contest for Social Workers. The University of Iowa School of Social Work: Iowa City Iowa.

Cassiman, S.A & Magaña, S., (2013). "Supplemental Security Income," in T. Mizrahi & L. Davis (Eds), The Encyclopedia of Social Work, 21st Edition. NASW & Oxford University Press.

Fleury-Steiner, B., Longazel, J. (2013). Blog, "The Pains of Solitary Confinement and Beyond". www.lifeofthelaw.org: Life of the Law. www.lifeofthelaw.org

Longazel, J. (2013). Op-Ed., "The Immorality of U.S. Immigration." CNBC.com.

Panel Discussions

Cassiman, S. A. "Discipline Meet and Greet: Social Work." CAP Social Science Workshop, University of Dayton. (May 8, 2013)

Cassiman, S. A. "The Legacy of Occupy Wall Street." Panelist, Daytonians Against War Now (DAWN), Dayton, OH. (May 2013)

Jipson, A. J. "Judge." Battle of The Bands, University of Dayton Concert Board, University of Dayton. (November 23, 2013).

Jipson, A. J. "Rehabilitative Justice." When Good Kids Make Bad Choices: Juvenile and Rehabilitative Justice in Montgomery County, University of Dayton and Montgomery County Juvenile Court, University of Dayton. (November 13, 2013).

Jipson, A. J. "What's in a Tweet? Crime, Social Media, and The Public Fear of Crime." Criminal Justice Education Regional Meeting, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, Louisville, Kentucky. (October 13, 2013).

Jipson, A. J. "Music in the Miami Valley Discussant and Participant." MidPoint Music Festival, Midpoint Music Festival, Cincinnati, Ohio. (September 27, 2013).

Jipson, A. J. "Marxist Analysis of Intersectionalities, Margins, and Challenges to the Status Quo: Class, Gender, Identity, Race, and Sexualities." Annual Meeting of The American Sociological Association, American Sociological Association, New York, New York. (August 11, 2013).

Jipson, A. J. "A partnership on the Borders: Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana." Kentucky Justice Association Annual Meeting, Kentucky Justice Association, Lexington, Kentucky. (May 19, 2013).

Jipson, A. J. "Growing a Criminal Justice Major." Ohio Criminal Justice Consortium Annual Meeting, Ohio Criminal Justice Consortium, Cincinnati, Ohio. (May 16, 2013).

Longazel, J. "Panel Discussion on Mass Incarceration." SASSO, University of Dayton. (November 6, 2013).

Longazel, J. "Introduction to 'Living for 32' - Thinking Sociologically about Mass Shootings: The Importance of Gender." ArtStreet / University of Dayton. (October 25, 2013).

Longazel, J. "The Coal Region: Divided and Conquered?" Put People First, PA, Hazleton, Pa. (October 4, 2013).

Longazel, J. "Immigration and the Struggle to Overcome Multilayered Marginality." Law & Society Association Annual Meeting, Boston, MA. (June 1, 2013).

Longazel, J. "Discipline Meet and Greet: Criminal Justice Studies." CAP Social Science Workshop, University of Dayton. (May 8, 2013).

Majka, T. J. "Local initiatives facilitating refugee integration." The Social Practices of Human Rights: Charting the Frontiers of Research and Advocacy, Human Rights Studies Program, University of Dayton, River Campus. (October 4, 2013).

Poster Presentations

Gahimer, E., Reeb, R. N., Majka, T. J., Majka, L. C., Snow, N., Glendening, Z. "Psycho-ecological systems model: A guide for international service-learning research." Fifth International Symposium on Service-Learning, Stellenbosch University, South Africa, Stellenbosch University, South Africa. (November 21, 2013).

Presented Papers

Becker, P. J. "The Creation of Ohio's Exotic Pet Legislation." Annual meeting of the North Central Sociological Association, North Central Sociological Association, Indianapolis, IN. (April 6, 2013).

Cassiman, S. A. "The Eloquence of Occupy Wall Street: Communicative Strategies of Critical Practice." Crisis, Critique and Change, European Sociological Association, Annual Conference, Torino, Italy. (August 31, 2013).

Coconis, M., Tolar-Cluse, T., Cassiman, S. A. "Indentured Training? Transforming Unpaid Educational Work Experiences." Radical Transformation, Conference of Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. (June 26, 2013).

Forbis, J. S. "Organized Civil Society: A Cross National Evaluation of Non-Governmental Organization Density on Anti-Governmental Demonstrations." American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, American Sociological Association, New York, NY. (August 10, 2013).

Jipson, A. J. "Mixing Pop and Politics: Marxist Sociology Section in the Twenty-First Century." Annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, American Sociological Association, New York. (August 11, 2013).

Litka, S. "The Sociolinguistics of Borat: A Paper in Honor of Dr. Bruce Grindal and his Favorite Movie." American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings, American Anthropological Association, Chicago, IL. (November 22, 2013).

Litka, S. "Ba'ax Pasa, My Brother?: Linguistic Admixture in Everyday Speech Among the Yucatec Maya." Middle Atlantic Conference on Latin American Studies, Pennsylvania. (March 7, 2013).

Longazel, J. "Rhetorical Barriers to Mobilizing for Immigrant Rights: White Innocence and Latino/a Abstraction." Rights, Rites, Writes, University of Dayton, Dayton, OH. (November 5, 2013).

Longazel, J. "Arming and 'Old Head': Critical Race Theory and the Politics of Guns." Law & Society Association Annual Meeting, Law & Society Association, Boston, MA. (May 30, 2013).

Longazel, J. "Governing Immigrants as Victims: Notario Fraud and the Myth of Reform." Law & Society Association Annual Meeting, Law & Society Association, Boston, MA. (May 30, 2013).


Jipson, A. J. "Sociology of Music in the 21st Century." Voices, University of Dayton Library, ArtStreet. (December 10, 2013).

Jipson, A. J. "Sociology of the Arts." ArtStreet Visioning, ArtStreet, University of Dayton, University of Dayton. (November 21, 2013).

Jipson, A. J. "Introduction, Dayton Music Community." Dayton Music: A Living Tradition, University of Dayton and DaytonMostMetro, University of Dayton. (October 29, 2013).

Jipson, A. J. "Mixed Media and Social Media." Community in the Miami Valley, Fitton Center for the Arts, Hamilton, Ohio. (July 31, 2013).

Jipson, A. J. "E-Learning in Criminal Justice." Transitions in Learning: Preparing Engaged Students for the E-Learning Environment, SOCHE, Wright State University Nutter Center. (May 8, 2013).

Jipson, A. J. "E-Learning at the University of Dayton." E-Learning in Ohio, SOCHE, Cleveland, Ohio. (January 13, 2013).

Thompson-Miller, R., Picca, L. H. "Segregation Stress Syndrome." White Privilege Conference, Seattle, WA. (April 12, 2013).

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