Graduate Alumni Profiles

Read about  our recent graduates - where they are going, what they are doing.
Romaisha Rahman

Doctoral Student, Educational Linguistics, University of New Mexico

Romaisha Rahman is pursuing her doctoral degree in Educational Linguistics at the Department of Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies in the College of Education at University of New Mexico. She is also working in the department as a graduate assistant. Her responsibilities as a graduate assistant are to provide writing support to graduate students of College of Education and conduct workshops for them to improve their writing skills. In addition to working one-on-one with graduate students, she manages the Writing Support website that she created for the College of Education’s Writing Studio. Her aim is to fill the website with writing-skill-building materials, such as video tutorials and PowerPoint slides, and open it to a wider audience so as to help anyone who is struggling with writing or seeking help to improve their writing. Besides working on enhancing the Writing Support Project, she is revising a number of her papers that she wants published by the end of 2019.

Issac Mayeux

Assistant Professor of English and Assistant Writing Center Director, Cedarville University

Graduate Concentration: Literature/Writing

Favorite Part of UD English Graduate Program: The UD English graduate program afforded me a great deal of scholarly independence, yet I was also able to work closely with a number of my professors. I believe firmly that the individual attention I received from professors like Dr. Slade, Dr. McCombe, and Dr. Trollinger accelerated my growth as a scholar and a thinker.

How did the UD Graduate program prepare me? In addition to helping me grow as a scholar, UD also prepared me for the classroom through its excellent TA training program. Dr. Bardine was always available for all of us, and I can still feel his influence on my pedagogy, even five years out from the program

Dr. Yvonne R. Teems

Assistant Professor of Writing Studies and Composition, Hofstra University

Graduate Concentration: Writing

Favorite Part of English Graduate Program: I earned outstanding experience as a teaching assistant working with Dr. Bryan Bardine. The combination of taking his course on teaching and learning from him as a teaching assistant prepared me for teaching better than any other experience I have had since.

How did the UD Graduate program prepare me? The professors in the UD graduate program pushed me to think critically, generate original arguments, and write with precision. All of this prepared me well to attend a strong writing Ph. D. program and to begin publishing scholarship early in my graduate career.

Brennan Burks

Director of Public Affairs at Miami University Regionals

Graduate Concentration: Literature, w/ a Focus on Theory of 20th Century Literature

Favorite Part of English Graduate Program: The community of writers, thinkers, scholars, and people sincerely interested in how ideas and narratives affect our world. Also, the people I came to know over two years through late night classes, long days in our crowded offices with too much to do, too little sleep and too many cups of coffee. I made friendships that I’ll always carry with me.

How did the UD Graduate program prepare me? Aside from helping me become a better writer and communicator, it was the first time I took another role at a university—I was teaching. This caused me to think more critically about pedagogy and purpose, but also about context, especially the context of students, and the real social and economic value of a meaningful education.

Katherine Robisch

Graduate Teaching Fellow, Kent State’s Literacy, Rhetoric, and Social Practice Program; third-year in ABD (All But Dissertation) of Ph.D. Program at Kent State

Graduate Concentration: Writing/Rhetoric and Composition, Focus on Digital Literacies

Favorite Part of English Graduate Program: I got to create a digital thesis! Also, I loved working super closely with faculty on that project and getting lots of experience and education about teaching. I also loved all of my students and that I was lucky enough to teach every semester of my grad program.

How did the UD Graduate program prepare me? UD focuses a lot on preparing you to teach writing. An alumni a few years ahead of me told me UD’s program prepared her so well for teaching that when she went on to a PhD program, she was able to easily adapt courses she taught at UD and spend more time and energy on her own coursework. UD’s program also really supported TA’s going to conferences, which helped me find more research for my thesis project and taught me how to present and interact professionally.


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