Faculty Responsibilities

Our goal is to help you. Review the following information for guidance:

Composition Instructors ...

Director of Writing Programs

At the start of the term ...

  1. Design a course syllabus that includes the following: 
    • Faculty contact information (including weekly office hours);
    • Catalog description of the course;
    • Student learning outcomes for the course as listed on this website;
    • Policy regarding the collection of student portfolios at the end of the term including how and when portfolios will be collected and what students should include within them;
    • Attendance policy;
    • Explanation of grading for all formal and informal assignments;
    • Policies regarding student submission of papers;
    • Policies regarding academic honesty and plagiarism;
    • Policies regarding students with disabilities and identification of resources available to them;
    • Descriptions of major writing assignments;
    • Daily course schedule.
  2. Submit an electronic copy of each syllabus (including course schedule) to one of the English Department administrative assistants, Laura Kolaczkowski or Carol Wilbanks;
  3. Review the syllabus thoroughly with students during the first week of class and make it available to all students in hard copy and/or through Isidore;
  4. Obtain and evaluate a diagnostic writing sample from each student;
  5. Consult the Director of Writing Programs if any concerns arise concerning student placement;
  6. Assign the online library tutorials to sections of ENG 100, ENG 100A/B, and ENG 200H;
  7. Schedule a library instruction session for sections of ENG 200 and ENG 200H through Heidi Gauder (937-229-4259).

Throughout the term ...

  1. Calculate and submit mid-term grades for first-year students (ENG 100 and 200H) as requested by the registrar, filling out deficiency slips for Ds and Fs;
  2. Prepare and execute daily lesson plans that are designed to enable students to achieve the student learning outcomes of the course;
  3. Design all writing assignments in order to enable students to achieve the student learning outcomes of the course;
  4. Grade all writing assignments and return them to students within two weeks of collecting them;
  5. Hold regular, posted office hours (a minimum of six hours per week or two hours per week per section of composition being taught by the faculty member);
  6. Address students' concerns in class and during office hours;
  7. Resolve problems as they arise;
  8. Facilitate observations of teaching when requested by the Department chair;
  9. Arrange for someone to teach a session of a class if you are unable to do so, and notify the Department office if you must be absent;
  10. Notify the Department office if your class will be meeting outside of the assigned classroom and/or time on any given date, in order to facilitate re-direction of students, as needed;
  11. Attend professional Development workshops within the Department.

At the end of the term ...

  1. Calculate and submit final course grades in accordance with the procedure and by the deadline set by the registrar;
  2. Respond appropriately and in a timely way to any student concerns or queries about final grades in the course;
  3. Submit two student portfolios per section of composition taught each term as requested by Director of Writing Programs;
  4. Submit a teaching portfolio as requested by the Director of Writing Programs that includes your composition syllabus or syllabi, all formal writing assignment sheets, a short (1-2 page) reflection on your experience in the class, and any other material you would like to include.