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Normally, 30 semester hours are required. Students in all three concentrations (Literary and Cultural Studies, Writing and Rhetoric, and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) will complete a Diagnostic Assessment after completing 6 hours of coursework. This assessment will involve substantially revising a term paper or other relevant project to prepare it for submission to an academic journal, presentation at a conference, or another appropriate venue, in consultation with the student's academic advisor. Students then will participate in a blind review process in which their work will be reviewed by two faculty members; based upon this review and in consultation with students' academic advisors, the Director of Graduate Studies will make a determination of "pass," "revise and resubmit," or require that the student complete additional coursework before attempting the Diagnostic Examination once more. If deemed necessary, students in the last category may be required to take up to 36 semester hours of graduate study.

ENG 501 (Introduction to English Studies and Graduate Writing) and ENG 502 (Professionalization and Advanced Research) are required of each applicant for the degree, as well as a theory course in their concentration. The majority of the remaining coursework will be completed within students' concentrations but students also have opportunities to take coursework in other concentrations or programs (6 elective hours for students in the Literary and Cultural Studies and Writing and Rhetoric concentrations, and three elective hours for students in the TESOL concentration). Graduate assistants are required to take a one-credit course, ENG 590 (Teaching of College English), during each year of their assistantship and ENG 624, Teaching Writing in High School and College, in their first semester.

In the second year all students must complete a capstone project relevant to their concentration that will be useful to them beyond their time at UD. This project will be constructed in consultation with students' academic advisors and the Director of Graduate Studies and reviewed by committee.

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  • Literary and Cultural Studies Concentration
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