Recent MA Theses

The English Department conference room has a collection of all print and bound copy of MA theses in the past 50 years. Please check the department office to find out if you can check any out, if so, for how long. You can also search for electronic theses on the OhioLink under Electronic Theses and Dissertations Center.


Presence, Process, Product: The Significance of the Womb in Writing Woman by Brittany Cook

Hopeless Decade: Post-apocalypse Literature in the Wake of 9/11 by Elizabeth Hageman

My Mother's Missing Bees by Jamie Malloy

The Talent Show, A Collection of Short Stories by Nicole Powell

Multiplicity of the Mirror: Gender Representation in Oyeyemi's Boy, Snow, Bird by Rachel Rowe

It is a Story: The Role of the N by William Skelly


The Beats: The Representation of a Battered Generation by Nada Alabullah

Salome: Reviving the Dark Lady by Alanna Gibson

Modern Love and Other Stories with an introduction to the Genre and Scholarship Including a Survey of the Text by Samuel Glenn

Social Class, Literacy, and Elizabeth Cary: The Participation of Servants in Early Modern Private Drama by Caitlin Moran

Welcome to the Glitter Daze by Christine Olding


Exploring the Impact of the Economic Decline on the Literacy of Middle-Class Families in Three Regions of the United States by Rasheedah Alexander

Mystical Eroticism in Bataile, Miller, and Ikkyu by Luke Bowman

The Source of Desire: The Mother In Three Twentieth Century Novels by Brennan Burks

Re-Inscribing Racial Seperation: A Multimodal Discourse Analysis of the News Media's Representations of Race During Hurricane Katrina by Joseph Craig

Desert Enlightenment: Prophets and Prophecy in American Science Fiction by Justice Hagan

Flora Annie Steel: British Memsahib or New Woman? Kavitha Pasala

Search Engine Optimization: A New Literacy Practice by Katherine Robisch

Early Modern Women Writers and Humility as Rhetoric: Aemilia Layner's Table Turning Use of Modesty by Kathryn Sandy-Smith

The Importance of Response to ELL Student Writing: IEP Instructors and Teaching Assistants by Emily Walters

Between the Black and Whte Spiders: Anatheism and The Marriage of Heaven and Hell by Henry Yukevich

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