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The intellectual power and creative vitality of the College of Arts and Sciences reside in our faculty. While students lie at the center of the College's attention, the work of the College's faculty makes possible the distinctive education in the liberal arts and sciences that our graduates attain. All of the College's achievements and aspirations spring in some way from faculty members' creativity, talent, and dedication in scholarship, teaching, and professional service. Recent faculty research and scholarship projects are listed below.

Artistic Contributions

Curatorial Work

Thomas, P. "Imprints & Impressions: Milestones in Human Progress - Highlights from the Rose Rare Book Collection", University Libraries, Dayton, OH. (March 2014 - September 2014).


Carrillo, A. "How to Write a first person narrative." Sinclair College/Sinclair Writers Workshop, Dayton, OH. (October 10, 2014).

Hughes, S. M. Hassell (Performer). "'Interior Castle' and other poems." NAWCHE: National Association of Women in Catholic Higher Education Annual Meeting, Seattle University, Seattle, WA. (June 18, 2014 - June 20, 2014).


Carrillo, A. "Poems for Peace", 100 Thousand Poets for Peace/Tortuga Gallery, Albuquerque, NM. (September 27, 2014).

Carrillo, A. "The Poetry of Albino Carrillo", Menaul International School, Albuquerque, NM. (September 26, 2014).

Carrillo, A. "Poetry and the Stilled Life", Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, OH. (May 6, 2014).

Carrillo, A. "The Art of Sport: Poetry and Warhol", Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, OH. (February 26, 2014).

Kimbrough, R. A. "Organ Recital", Westminster Presbyterian Church, Dayton, OH. (May 8, 2014).

Kimbrough, R. A. "Organ Recital", Christ Episcopal Church, Bradenton, FL. (March 13, 2014).

Sievers, D. A. (Vocal Soloist), Shoup, J. (Accompanist), Doyle, D. M. (Lecturer), Keane-Sexton, M. B. (Lecturer). "RRW: Faith and Reason: Perspectives on Homosexuality." Graul Chair in Arts and Languages, Dayton, OH. (September 19, 2014).

Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research


Biswas, A. E. "Humanities Commons Assessment Leader Grant." Sponsored by University Assessment Committee, $1,000. (November 11, 2013 - June 1, 2014).

Biswas, A. E. "CAP Course Development Mini Grant", $750. Sponsored by Department of English, (May 22, 2014).

Biswas, A. E. "Diversity and Social Justice Course Development Grant." Sponsored by Office of Provost, CAP, & LTC, $2,500. (April 14, 2014).

Carrillo, A. "Mini-grant for Course Development: ENG 280." Sponsored by Department of English, $1,000. (May 2014 - September 2014).

DeAloia, L. "Diversity and Social Justice." Sponsored by Common Academic Program (CAP) Committee, $2,500. (December 2014 - Present).

DeAloia, L. "HC Leader Assessment Grant." Sponsored by Humanities Commons, University of Dayton, $1,000. (December 2014 - Present).

Friedlander, R. "Promiscuous Generation: Rogue Sexuality and Social Status in Early Modern England." Sponsored by University of Dayton Research Institute, $6,500. (May 1, 2014 - August 15, 2014).

Haan, J. "Research Council Summer Seed Grant." Sponsored by University of Dayton Research Council, $5,000. (May 15, 2014 - August 15, 2014).

Li, X. "Designing a CAP course (ENG 375 Writing for the Web)." Sponsored by English Department, $750. (June 2014 - January 12, 2015).

Li, X. "E-Learning Fellowship." Sponsored by UD Learning and Teaching Center, $3,250. (January 1, 2014 - August 15, 2014).

Li, X. "Students and Engineers Collaborating in Global Virtual Context." Sponsored by Alumni Chair in Humanities, $500. (January 1, 2014 - May 1, 2014).

McCombe, J. P. "CAP Course Development Mini-Grant." Sponsored by University of Dayton English Department, $1,500. (June 2014 - July 2014).

McCombe, J. P. (Supporting). "Project Scholar for America's Music Film Series." Sponsored by National Endowment for the Humanities, $2,500. (February 2014 - April 2014).

Morgan, T. L. "NEH Summer Seminars and Institutes: Paul Laurence Dunbar." Sponsored by Ohio Historical Society. (November 2013 - March 4, 2014).

Potter, R. C. (Principal). "DAAD Reinvitation Grant for Overseas Research." Sponsored by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), $4,000. (February 1, 2014 - April 1, 2014).

Strain, M. M. "2014 Department Summer Mini-Grant to Develop a CAP Course--ENG 320." Sponsored by Department of English, $750. (May 2014 - August 2014).

Thomas, P. "Research Fellows Grant." Sponsored by University of Dayton Learning & Teaching Center, $1,500. (June 15, 2014 - August 15, 2014).

Published Intellectual Contributions


Carrillo, A. (2014). Uranium Days (pp. 63). Cincinnati, OH: Winged City Chapbook Press.

Book Chapters

Esseili, F. (2014). “English language teaching in Lebanon: Trends and challenges.” In Bailey, K. M., Damerow, R. (Eds.), The teaching and learning of English in the Arabic speaking world. New York: Routledge.

Naruse, C. (2014). “International Students/Parachute Kids.” In Danico, M. Y. (Ed.), Asian American Society: An Encyclopedia (pp. 530-532). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE.

Naruse, C. (2014). “Visas.” In Danico, M. Y. (Ed.), Asian American Society: An Encyclopedia (pp. 939-941). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE.

Szeghi, T. (2014). Tokenizing the Native in the Classroom: Possibilities and Pitfalls in teaching Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. In Androne, H. (Ed.), Multiethnic American Literatures: Essays for Teaching Context and Culture. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Co.

Book Reviews

Friedlander, R. (2015). In Anderson, T. P. (Ed.), Rev. of Sex Before Sex: Figuring the Act in Early Modern England (1st ed., vol. 15, pp. 127-132). Philadelphia, PA: Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies.

Naruse, C. (2014). Brown Boys and Rice Queens: Spellbinding Performance in the Asias (4th ed., vol. 39, pp. 213-215). Fargo, ND: MELUS: Multi-Ethnic Literature of United States.

Szeghi, T. (2014). In Lockwood, B. (Ed.), Fictions of Dignity: Embodying Human Rights in World Literature, by Elizabeth Anker. Baltimore, Maryland: Human Rights Quarterly, Johns Hopkins U P. http://www.press.jhu.edu/journals/human_rights_quarterly/

Journal Articles

Biswas, A. E. (2014). “Lessons in Citizenship: Using Collaboration in the Classroom to Build Community, Foster Academic Integrity, and Model Civic Responsibility.” Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, 25(1), 9-25.

Mackay, E. (2014). “Shrew(d) Maternities, Elizabeth Cary's Life and Filial Equivocations.” Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature, 33(2), 23-50.

Mackay, E. (2014). “Prosopopoeia, Pedagogy, and Paradoxical Possibility: The Mother in the Sixteenth-Century Grammar.” Rhetoric Review, 33(3), 201-218.

McCombe, J. P. (2014). "’Common People’: Realism, Class Difference, and the Male Domestic Sphere in Nick Hornby’s Collision With Britpop.” Modern Fiction Studies, 60(1), 165-184.

Morgan, T. L. (2014). “Criticizing Local Color: Innovation and Conformity in Kate Chopin's Short Fiction.” Arizona Quarterly.

Naruse, C. (2014). “Diasporic Singaporeans, Coming-of-Career Narratives, and the Corporate Nation.” biography: an Interdisciplinary Quarterly, 37(1), 143-167.

Szeghi, T. (2014). Weaving Transnational Cultural Identity Through Travel and Diaspora in Sandra Cisneros’s Caramelo. MELUS (Multiethnic Literature of the United States). www.melus.org/journal.htm

Vorachek, L. J. (2014). “Speculation and the Emotional Economy of Mansfield Park.” Persuasions: The Jane Austen Journal, 35, 182-190.


Strain, M. M., Lucas, B. E. (2014). Book Chapter Reprint. "Keeping the Conversation Going: The Archive Thrives on Interviews and Oral History". In Hughes, J., Goodwin, J. (Eds.), Documentary and Archival Research (vol. 4, pp. 139-157). London: Sage.

Papers Published in Conference Proceedings

Li, X. (2014), Work in Progress: Students and Engineers Collaborating in Global Virtual Context. Pittsburgh, PA: Carnegie Mellon University: Proceedings of the IEEE IPCC 2014: Meeting Grounds---Lifelong Learning from Classroom to Workplace.

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