Careers in Human Rights

Based on producing graduates who are capable of performing rigorous research and conducting high quality analysis of critical questions, the degree in Human Rights Studies can lead to careers in service and leadership at the local, regional, national and international level. Our graduates have been hired by the Peace Corps, Catholic Social Services, U.S. and state legislative offices and many other governmental or non-profit organizations at the local, state, national and international level. Many of our graduates have also gone onto graduate programs and law schools.

What can I do with the major in human rights studies?

Some of the places human rights studies graduates are employed:

  • Arlington Academy of Hope, Uganda

  • The Peace Corps

  • Catholic Social Services Refugee Resettlement

  • U.S. State Legislative Offices

  • Various other non-profits at the local, national and international level

Some of the graduate studies and law programs our graduates have been accepted into:

  • University of Denver (MA and PhD)

  • University of Connecticut (PhD)

  • Columbia University (MA)

  • The New School (MA)

  • Indiana University Law School

  • Georgetown University Law School

  • American University (MA)

  • George Washington University (MA)

  • University of Pittsburgh (MIPA)

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