French Placement Exam

Before proceeding, we highly recommend you read this important information regarding the language placement exam.

You are taking this required placement exam because you have taken classes in French or have experience in the language prior to attending the University of Dayton. Proceeding with this placement exam, you are agreeing to adhere to the University of Dayton Academic Honor Code.

Instructions: (Please read carefully)

  1. To log on to the online placement exam site below, the password is:  languages
  2. In the Language drop-down box, select: French then click Begin.
  3. You will then need to enter: your first name, your last name, your University of Dayton student ID, and your University email address.  Then select Continue to proceed to the exam.  The Phase I exam consists of multiple choice questions.
  4. After completing the placement exam, your course placement will be highlighted. Your course placement results could be: 101, 141 or Phase II Exam.
  5. If your placement results are Phase II Exam, there will be a link to a short tutorial on how to join the site to access the French Phase II exam. The Phase II exam must be completed in order for your course placement to be determined. The French Phase II exam requires a microphone for you to record your answers and is reviewed by a language faculty member. Once you access the Phase II placement exam site, be sure to read the instructions carefully. Taking the Phase II placement exam does not necessarily indicate placement into an advanced level course.

Begin the French Phase I placement exam