Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematical Economics

Why do people make the choices they do? Through applied mathematical economics, you'll look for the answer by analyzing problems of the national and international economies, as well as problems faced by business firms and consumers.

Program Details

Mathematics is the study of shape and form, of numbers and patterns, of concrete examples and abstract generalizations. As a discipline, mathematics is not easy to categorize. We offer a Bachelor of Science in mathematics, a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics and a Bachelor of Science in applied mathematical economics (in collaboration with the Department of Economics and Finance). We also offer a Master of Science in applied mathematics. 

Program Outcomes

The applied mathematical economics program is offered jointly by the Department of Economics and Finance and the Department of Mathematics. As an applied mathematical economics major, you will take six courses in economics, eight in mathematics and two in computer science.

You don't have to wait until after graduation to begin using your skills and analyzing the world around you. By participating in the internship or cooperative education program, you can investigate your career interests while gaining priceless work experience as an undergraduate.

Professors in the economics and mathematics fields are active scholars who enjoy teaching and will help you excel academically and professionally. If you are interested in conducting theoretical or applied research, you can collaborate with your professors.


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