Mathematics Colloquia 2013-2014

March 2014

March 13: Muhammad Islam, University of Dayton:  "Bounded, asymptotically stable and L1 solutions of Caputo fractional differential equations." Read Abstract (pdf) >>

March 20: Paul Eloe, University of Dayton:  "A boundary value problem for a fractional differential equation." Read Abstract (pdf) >>

March 27: Tamer Oraby, University of Cincinnati: "Modeling parental acceptance of vaccination for paediatric infectious diseases."  Read Abstract (pdf) >>

 February 2014

February 6: Paul Eloe, University of Dayton: "Variation of parameters and fractional difference equations." Read abstract (pdf) >>

February 13: Jonathan Brown, Kansas State University: "The center of rings associated to directed graphs."  Read abstract (pdf) >>

February 18: Edward Hanson, Williams College: "Characterization of Leonard Pairs." Read abstract (pdf) >>

February 20: Jean Nganou, University of Oregon: "A Stone type duality between profinite MV-algebras and multisets." Read abstract (pdf) >>

January 2014

January 23: Matthew DeVilbiss, University of Dayton: "Finding the Grundy Number of line graphs." Read abstract (pdf) >>

January 30: Charlie Suer, University of Louisville: "Extending the PC-Tree Algorithm to the Torus." Read abstract (pdf) >>

December 2013

December 3: Abdulmohsen Alruwaili, University of Dayton: "Boundedness and Decay of Solution in Delay Difference Equation with Unbounded Forcing Terms."  Read abstract (pdf) >>

December 3: Norah Alnami, University of Dayton: "Asymptotically Stable Solutions of a System of Coupled Nonlinear Differential Equations."  Read abstract (pdf) >>

December 5: Salah Alsahafi and Abdualrazaq Sanbo, University of Dayton: "Boundedness of Solutions in Volterra Systems of Difference Equations."  Read abstract (pdf) >>

December 5: Pei Zhang, University of Dayton: "Idiosyncratic Risk and the Cross-Section of Expected Stock Return a Threshold Regress Approach."  Read abstract (pdf) >>

November 2013

November 7: David Freeman, University of Cincinnati: "Invertible Carnot Groups."  Read abstract (pdf) >>

November 14: Asmaa Alharbi and Hadiah Esmaiel, University of Dayton: "Exponential Smoothing."  Read abstract (pdf) >>

November 21: Nujud Alshehri, University of Dayton: "Forced Monotone Methods." Read abstract (pdf) >>

November 21: Ahmad Alhamed, University of Dayton: "Multivariate Time Series Models." Read abstract (pdf) >>

October 2013

October 3: Paul Eloe, University of Dayton: "A solution algorithm for three term linear fractional difference equations with constant coefficients."

October 14: Willy Hereman, Colorado School of Mines: "Symbolic computation of conservation laws of nonlinear partial differential equations." (Electro-Optics and Mathematics Joint Seminar)

October 17: Catherine Kublik, University of Dayton: "Coarsening in high order, discrete, ill-posed diffusion equations."

October 24: Richard Kublik, Materials Resources LLC: "An Algorithm for Locally Adaptive Time Stepping."

October 31: Michael Radin, Rochester Institute of Technology: "Eventually periodic solutions & patterns of unbounded solutions of a second order delayed max-type difference equation."

September 2013

September 12: Dan Ren, University of Dayton: "Optimal stopping time for the last passage time and last maximum time."

September 19: Lynne Yengulalp, University of Dayton: "Topological completeness."

September 26: Amanda Keck Criner, University of Dayton Research Institute: "Thermal nondestructive evaluation of porous materials."


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