Mathematics Colloquia 2014-2015

 March 2015

March 24: Patrick Chadowski, University of Dayton:  "Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions in Nonlinear Differential Equations"  Read abstract (pdf)>>

March 19: Carl Mummert, Marshall University: "What is 'reverse' mathematics?"  Read abstract (pdf)>>

February 2015

February 2: Gabriela Martinez, Cornell University: "Augmented Lagrangian Methods for Solving Optimization Problems with Stochastic-Order Constraints." Read abstract (pdf) >>

February 4: Mark Tomforde, University of Houston: "Using Results from Dynamical Systems to Classify Algebras and C* -algebras." Read abstract (pdf) >>

February 5: Kevin McGoff, Duke University: "Statistical Inference for Dynamical Systems." Read abstract (pdf) >>

February 10: Alan Veliz-Cuba, University of Houston: "Practical and theoretical aspects of modeling gene networks." Read abstract (pdf) >>

February 19: Alaa Almansour, University of Dayton: "Boundary Value Problems at Resonance for Ordinary Differential Equations." Read abstract (pdf) >>

February 26: May Mei, Denison University: "Modeling Quasicrystals with Dynamical Systems." Read abstract (pdf) >>

December 2014

December 4: Jing Dan Zhang, University of Dayton:  "Pricing Options Using the Tree Method in a Switching Model with State Dependent Switching Rates." Read abstract (pdf) >>

December 4: Zhiyang Zhang, University of Dayton:  "Pricing Options in Jump Diffusion Models Using the Fast Fourier Transform." Read abstract (pdf) >>

December 9: Jing Nie, University of Dayton:  "Efficiency Comparison of Moody's KMV Model and Altman's Z-score Model Predicting Corporate Default with Empirical U.S. Data."  Read abstract (pdf) >>

December 11: Hanan Aljubran, University of Dayton:  "Asset Pricing in Policy Uncertainty Periods."  Read abstract (pdf) >>

December 11: Mohammed Aldandani, University of Dayton:  "A Green's Function for a Two-Term Second Order Differential Operator.:  Read abstract (pdf) >>

November 2014

November 6: Zhifeng Kuang, Universal Technology Corporation & Air Force Research Laboratory:  "Solving a Class of NP-Hard Optimization Problems Using Coupled Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics Simulations."  Read abstract (pdf) >>

November 11: Tracy Hwang, Risk Manager in Residence

November 20: Michael A. Radin, Rochester Institute of Technology:  "Dynamics of a discrete population model for extinction and sustainability in ancient civilizations."

November 25: Chenyu Qiu, University of Dayton:  "An Analysis of American Companies (1990-2000) Using the KMV Model." Read abstract (pdf)>>

October 2014

October 2: Dr. Lance Lijian Chen, Department of MIS, OM and Decision Sciences, University of Dayton: "Two Topics on the Stochastic Programming and their Applications." Read Abstract (pdf) >>

October 16: Dr. Eloe, Department of Mathematics, University of Dayton:  "Multi-term Linear Fractional Nabia Difference Equations with Constant Coefficients."  Read Abstract (pdf) >>

October 23: Jireh Loreaux, University of Cincinnati:  "Extracting Hidden Information:  The Interplay Between Operators and their Diagonal Sequences."  Read Abstract (pdf) >>

October 30: Dr. Gang Yu, Kent State University:  "Sequences with Bounded Auto-Correlations."  Read Abstract (pdf) >>

September 2014

September 18: Jonathan Brown, University of Dayton: "Determining if C*-algebras are simple." Read Abstract (pdf) >>

September 24: Jonathan Brown, University of Dayton: "Simplicity of the Irrational Rotation Algebra." Read Abstract (pdf) >>


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