Mathematics Colloquia 2016-2017

JUly 2017

July 25:  A Nonlinear Analysis of an Oscillator Equation with Damping and External Forcing Using a Perturbation Method, Eman Alassaf,  University of Dayton, Advisor: Muhammad Usman. Abstract and more >

June 2017

June 23:  Lyapunov functionals and stability in nonlinear infinite delay Volterra discrete systems, Budar and Sarah Alshammari,  University of Dayton, Advisor: Youssef Raffoul. Abstract and more >

June 15:  Decomposition of Varies Complete Graph into Isomophic Copies of 4-cycle with Three Pendant Edges, Rabab Alzahrani,  University of Dayton, Advisor: Atif Abueida. Abstract and more >

April 2017

April 28:  The Impact of Data Breaches on Firms’ Stock Price, Kaili Chen,  University of Dayton,  Advisor: Dr. Chen. Abstract and more >

April 27: First presentation: Reduction of truncation error for a finite difference scheme for the Black Scholes equation, Thanadol Sukjitnittayakarn,  University of Dayton, Advisor: Ruihua Liu; Second presentation: Optimal investment, consumption and life insurance, Chenwei Liu, University of Dayton, Advisor: Dan Ren. Abstracts and more >

April 20: Optimal Investment and Consumption in Regime-Switching Jump Diffusion ModelsRodrigue Nguimfack, University of Dayton, Advisor: Ruihua Liu. Abstract and more >

April 7A Classification of n-tuples of Commuting isometries, Edward Timko,  Indiana University, Host: Paul Eloe. Abstract and more >

April 6: Existence and Nonexistence of Positive Solutions of Two Point Fractional Boundary Value Problems, Jeffrey Neugebauer, Eastern Kentucky University, Host:  Muhammad Islam. Abstract and more >

March 2017

March 31: (Friday at 12:20 p.m.): Solvability by Radicals, Ananth Hariharan, I.I. T. Bombay, Host: Lynne Yengulalp. Abstract and more >

March 30: An Optimal Investment Problem Using Regime-Switching Model with Stochastic Interest Rate, Cheng Ye, University of Dayton, Advisor: Ruihua Liu. Abstract and more >

March 23: Some Implications of Neighborhood Homogeneity. Nick Harner, University of Dayton, Advisor: Joe Mashburn. Abstract and more >

March 16: Bootstrapping General ARIMA Models, Seth Gannon, University of Dayton. Abstract and more >

March 9: Asymptotically Periodic Solution of a Quantum Volterra Equation, Muhammad Islam, University of Dayton. Abstract and more >

February 2017

February 21: A semiparametric regression under biased sampling and random censoring: a local pseudo-likelihood approach, Yassir Rabhi, University of Sherbrooke. Abstract and more >

February 14: Empirical Likelihood Based Detection Procedure for Change Point in Mean Residual Life Functions under random censorship, Ying-Ju Chen, Miami University. Abstract and more >

February 9: Mean Field Games for Stochastic Growth with Relative Utility, Son Nguyen, University of Puerto Rico. Abstract and more >

February 7: Price Dynamics in a Limit Order Book under time-dependent order flow, Jonathan Chavez Casillas, University of Calgary. Abstract and more >

February 2: Fast Alternating Minimization Algorithms for Inverse Problems in ImagingDr. Maryam Yashtini, Georgia Institute of Technology.  Abstract and more >


January 24: A Markov-Modulated M/M/1 Retrial Queue with Unreliable Server, Dr. James D. Cordeiro, MediaDyne Systems Engineering.  Abstract and more >


December 14A numerical study of an option pricing model using Radial Basis Functions collocation method, Walaa Alharbi, University of Dayton. Abstract and more >

December 9: First presentation - Quasilinearization and Boundary Value Problems at Resonance, Kareem Alanazi and Meshal Alshammari, University of Dayton. Second presentation - Packings of Various Complete Graphs with Isomorphic Copies of the 4-Cycle with a Pendant Edge, Badriah Alrashadi, University of Dayton. Abstracts and more >

December 1: Selling stock with long/short term taxes, Hang Gu, University of Dayton.

November 2016

November 17: Existence of a Positive Solution of Boundary Value Problems Theorems, Ahlam Abid, University of Dayton. Abstract and more >

November 10: Spectral Properties of Jacobi Matrices, Joanne Dombrowski, Wright State University, hosted by Jon Brown. Abstract and more >

November 3: Green's functions as convolutions of Green's functions for lower order fractional differential equationsPaul Eloe, University of Dayton. Abstract and more >


October 27: (Regular) Graded Skew Clifford Algebras of Low Global Dimension, Dr. Manizheh Nafari, Central State University, hosted by Muhammad Usman. Abstract and more >

October 20: Tyler Masthay, University of Dayton. 


September 29: Boundary Value Problems at Resonance and Fixed Point Theorems, Paul Eloe, University of Dayton. Abstract and more >

September 22: The Nahm Transform, Dr. Andres Larrain-Hubach, University of Dayton. Abstract and more >


August 3: Comparison Theorems and Free Boundary Value Problems for Ordinary Differential Equations, Alaa Alharbi, University of Dayton

July 1: Almost 2-perfect Maximum Packing and Minimum Covering of Complete Graphs with 6-cycles, Meshail Alharbi and Maram Almazmumi, University of Dayton.


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