The 17th Annual Kenneth C. Schraut Memorial Lecture

SATURDAY, November 12, 2016
A Role for Mathematics in Understanding and Curing Disease?

David Diller, Ph.D.
VP, Computational Biology, CMDbioscience

Abstract: The discovery and development of a new drug is a long process involving hundreds of scientists and clinicians spanning many disciplines. Over the last two decades, the process has changed from being largely empirical to now being heavily data driven. In particular, at the earliest stages of drug discovery we understand far more about the fundamental biological causes of disease and are on the precipice of being able to now use this understanding to design more effective and safer drugs. Over the last 20 years I have been involved in a field called molecular modeling which aims to apply mathematical/physical modeling to understand biological phenomena at the molecular level. The first goal of this presentation is to give some sense for the challenges of moving from the rigorous discipline of mathematics to the fuzzy world of biology. The second goal is to give a sense for how difficult it is to develop new drugs and real world examples as to how molecular modeling impacts the design of new drugs. The third and main goal of this presentation is to provide to the uninitiated some appreciation for how remarkable the biomolecular world is and how mathematics could play a key role in understanding the most important phenomena in this regime.

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