Electronic Proceedings of Undergraduate Mathematics Day, Volume 1

These 2004 proceedings are from the conference held on November 1, 2003.

Schraut Memorial Lecture

Dr. Robert Lewand. "How Not to Get Lost While on a Random Walk." 1-13.

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Invited Address

Dr. Chikako Mese. "Curvature and the shape of the universe." 1-13.

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Contributed Papers

Robert Arnold, Tom Attenweiler, Christopher Brockman, Bethany Lesko, Christine Martinek, Colleen McCormick, Jessica McQuiston, Jessica Parker, and Amy Rohmiller. "Newton's Unfinished Business: Uncovering the Hidden Powers of Eleven in Pascal's Triangle." 1-5.

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Walter H. Chen. "Ramanujan Graphs in the Construction of LDPC Codes." 1-7.

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Gayatri Gunda and Dr. Aparna Higgins. "Pebbling on Directed Graphs." 1-13.

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Kevin Hurley. "Some Interesting Multiples of Nine: Use Your Digits to Get the Digits!" 1-10.

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Andrew Schworer and Dr. Peter Hovey. "Newton-Raphson Versus Fisher Scoring Algorithms in Calculating Maximum Likelihood Estimates." 1-11.

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