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Electronic Proceedings of Undergraduate Mathematics Day, Volume 4

These 2010 proceedings are from the conference held on November 7, 2009.

Contributed Papers

Veronica Respress, "Uniqueness of Solutions Implies Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions of Boundary Value Problems for Third Order Differential Equations," Elec. Proc. Und. Math. Day, Vol 4 (2010), No. 1, 1-12.

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Elham Negahdary, "Just Sit Back and Let the Girth Model Make Money For You," Elec. Proc. Und. Math. Day, Vol 4 (2010), No. 2, 1-6.

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Alyssa Frazee, Matthew Hathcock and Samantha Bates Prins, "Distance Functions and Attribute Weighting in a k-Nearest Neighbors Classifier with an Ecological Application," Elec. Proc. Und. Math. Day, Vol 4 (2010), No. 3, 1-13.

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Bonita Lawrence, Richard Merritt and Devon Tivener, The Marshall Differential Analyzer: A Visual Interpretation of Mathematics, Elec. Proc. Und. Math. Day, Vol 4 (2010), No. 4, 1-11.

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Keli Parker, "On the Construction of Order Six Multilevel Hadamard Matrices," Elec. Proc. Und. Math. Day, Vol 5 (2010), No. 5, 1-5.

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