Electronic Proceedings of Undergraduate Mathematics Day, Volume 5 (2018)

These proceedings are from the conference held on November 11, 2017.

Contributed Papers

Alcoholism: a mathematical model with media awareness campaigns
E. Ander and Z. Teymuroglu
Pages: 1-10
Abstract (pdf) >>     Paper (pdf) >>

Finite sum representations of elements in \(\mathbb{R}\) and \(\mathbb{R}^2\)
R. Bouchat and L. Dominguez
Pages: 11-16
Abstract (pdf) >>     Paper (pdf) >>

Magic polygons and their properties
R. Bouchat and V. Jakicic
Pages: 17-24
Abstract (pdf) >>     Paper (pdf) >>

Generalized Catalan numbers and objects: equivalence classes and Polyominoes
E. Dautenhahn and H. Pieper
Pages: 25-35
Abstract (pdf) >>     Paper (pdf) >>

How one’s risk preferences affect their investment decisions
K. Hayes and A. Petrick
Pages: 36-43
Abstract (pdf) >>     Paper (pdf) >>

Mathematics using only rods
J. Mao and Z. Yang
Pages: 44-49
Abstract (pdf) >>     Paper (pdf) >>

Baseball: defense or no?
J. Stemmerich
Pages: 50-53
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