Graduate Programs in Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics offers three graduate programs leading to the Master of Science: Applied Mathematics; Financial Mathematics; and Mathematics Education, in additional to three certificates in areas related to Financial Mathematics.  These programs are interdisciplinary and strive to combine mathematical theory with training in a professional domain.

The Master of Science in Applied Mathematics

Graduates of the Master of Science in Applied Mathematics will find professional opportunities in a variety of industries that utilize advanced mathematics.  The program combines a core mathematics background in mathematics, a four-course concentration tailored to the interests and background of each student, and a semester long capstone experience.  Learn more >>

The Master of Science in Financial Mathematics

Graduates of this program will competitively find job opportunities in financial risk management, asset management liability and other areas in the banking, insurance and financial trading industries.  The program is multidisciplinary with course offerings in business administration, finance and mathematics and integrates statistics, computation and modeling with training in the professional domain, and culminates with a semester long capstone experience. Certificate programs are also offered.  Learn more >>

The Master of Mathematics Education

This degree enables working educators to advance their careers in mathematics education through development of stronger mathematics content knowledge and ways to apply this knowledge to the 9th-12th grade mathematics curriculum.  This is primarily a summer program, with minimal requirements during the regular school year, and culminates with a capstone experience designing and implementing a research project in mathematics education.  Learn more >>


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