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Auxiliary performers with the Pride of Dayton perform during halftime shows and at competitions.

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FlyerettesThe Flyerette Dance Line was first established in 1954 as one of two dance groups at the University of Dayton. The Flyerettes were organized by UD Athletics and performed at home basketball games. Band director Maury Reichard wanted to admit females into the marching band, but in the mid-1950s roles for women were limited and marching with an instrument was not a socially acceptable option. The Coed dance line was created as an addition to the band. Participation in both the Coeds and Flyerettes was not allowed which created a bit of animosity between the two groups leading to a merger in the early 1970s. The name Flyerettes was retained and the group became the featured dance line for the marching band.

By the fall of 1975 the Flyerettes performed both dance and flag routines as part of the marching band halftime show. While the current Flyerette dance line continues to use swing flags and other equipment in conjunction with the color guard, their primary contribution is dance and they are featured during each show performed by the marching band.


TwirlersOur Twirlers perform in conjunction with the Flyerettes and Colorguard.


A contemporary color guard unit was added to the Pride of Dayton Marching Band during the fall 2008 season. For 25 years, The University of Dayton has been know as the home to the WGI - Winter Guard International - championships playing host to outstanding performances by many over the years. With a rich history in the "sport of the arts" and a regional connection to many outstanding guard and winter guard units, the addition of a color guard program to the Pride of Dayton Marching Band seemed only logical.

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