The Richard R. Baker Philosophy Colloquium

The Richard R. Baker Philosophy Colloquium brings outstanding scholars from across the country to campus to present and discuss their research. The annual colloquium focuses either on a set of philosophical issues or on the work of a renowned individual philosopher. Philosophy students are encouraged to attend the colloquium and meet the participants. The Department of Philosophy often schedules a mini-course or upper-level seminar that addresses the colloquium theme so that students can gain some background on the topic before attending the conference.

Past Colloquia

On November 5-7, 2009 the University of Dayton Philosophy Department hosted the Concerned Philosopher's for Peace Annual Conference as part of the Baker Colloquium. Dr. Angela Davis was the keynote speaker.

The 33rd Colloquium was on "Building Coalitions Across Difference," March 6-8, 2008. Featured speakers were Sally Haslanger and Tommie Shelby. Previous colloquium topics have included "Environmental Philosophy and the Duties of citizenship," "International Human Rights and Global Justice," "Exploring Jane Addams," "Philosophy and Psychopathology," "Ethics and the Professions," "Ecofeminist Perspectives," "Moral Agency and the Fragmented Self," and "Christian Humanism and Secular Humanism." Some colloquia have focused on major figures in the history of philosophy, such as Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, and Sartre.