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Why study Pre-Law?

First-year students who express an interest in law participate in a semester-long orientation program, meeting for an hour once or twice a week with their Pre-Law advisor, representatives of law schools, practitioners in the legal profession, and a student mentor. The purpose of the orientation is to introduce the student promptly to Pre-Law at UD, to acquaint the first-year student with various undergraduate majors, to discuss the nature of law school, and to demonstrate the variety of ways in which lawyers practice their profession. Then, throughout their years at UD, Pre-Law students are advised about appropriate course work, as well as the law school admission and selection process.

Program Overview

The interdisciplinary Pre-Law Studies minor enhances the preparation of students planning to seek admission to law school by promoting both the development of skills considered essential by both law schools and legal professionals - critical reasoning, writing, and analytical skills – and professional skills. The program director, together with additional Pre-Law faculty advisors from participating critical departments, helps students explore their vocation for the law while providing  curriculum guidance for developing the skills set needed for success in their potential future legal education and career.

The Pre-Law Program has both academic and pre-professional components. Academically, we encourage you to take courses that teach you to develop the skills set necessary for gaining admission to law school, enjoying law school success and becoming effective attorneys. These include analyzing ideas, thinking logically and systematically, communicating effectively and clearly both verbally and in writing, comprehending basic principles of the American political and legal systems, and examining issues from an ethical perspective. The prelaw program gives you access to guidance and academic assistance from professors who are trained in prelaw advising.

Program Outcomes

Pre-professionally, we help you with access to resources, experiences and relationships as you explore a possible career in law. A simulated Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is offered almost monthly and can be taken as many times as a student wishes. Such a test familiarizes the student with the kinds of questions on the LSAT and can be used as an effective means to diagnose the student's academic strengths and weaknesses. For juniors and seniors, the Pre-Law Program sponsors a two-weekend LSAT preparation workshop every spring. These programs have proven to be some of the most helpful and popular features of the Pre-Law Program.

In the area of pre-professional development, legal internships may be available for sophomores and above. Students spend up to 15 hours a week in a lawyer's office, assisting attorneys and gaining a feel for what the practice of law and the culture of a law firm are like. Up to three hours of academic credit can be earned for an internship course.

We also offer a number of other developmental opportunities. Interested students can participate in the UD Mock Trial teams. Teams compete locally, regionally and nationally, and students earn one hour of credit per semester of participation, up to four credit hours.  For all students, there is the opportunity to join Phi Alpha Delta, the undergraduate Pre-Law fraternity, which, among its many activities, organizes programs introducing students to the variety of careers available to attorneys.  Every fall the Pre-Law Program also hosts UD Pre-Law day, which includes a law fair where law school representatives from across the country come to meet prospective students and discuss their respective institutions, as well as a mock law school admissions session, a sample law school class, a session on finding your financial "fit", and other features.

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