Premedical Programs

Bachelor of Science in Predentistry

Hoping to pursue a career as a physician, dentist, veterinarian or chiropractor? Our Bachelor of Science programs in premedicine and predentistry provide a distinctive science-based, diverse education to prepare you for admission to an allied health care professional school.

Program Details

The Bachelor of Science with a major in premedicine is an interdisciplinary curriculum of study. It is distinctively designed to provide a science-based, diverse education as a preparation for admission to any of the allied health care professional schools including medical, veterinary, and chiropractic. Courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics comprise the science core of the major. A substantial complement of humanities and social sciences courses are also required. Within this framework the curriculum is flexible and can be tailored to suit personal interests. During the first two years, students enroll in courses appropriate for entry into professional schools while they also fulfill basic University requirements.

Program Outcomes

Preparing for a career in health or medicine can be a confusing and overwhelming process. Our formal premedical/predental curriculum aims to make the process as simple as possible. Our program includes an interdisciplinary science curriculum emphasizing biology and chemistry, which meets all admission criteria for approved schools of dentistry, medicine, osteopathy, veterinary medicine and others.

During your first year at the University of Dayton, you will enroll in a section of the University’s First-Year Experience dedicated to premedicine and predentistry majors. The course covers various aspects of University life, as well as career issues specific to future candidates of health care professional schools.

Despite the strict curriculum requirements, you will be able to choose a minor that may assist in your further training and schooling. Popular areas of concentration include cognitive and brain science, health psychology, neurosciences and physiological psychology, as well as traditional clinical and counseling psychology.

Increasingly high admission standards to professional schools make it necessary to have a strong academic and extracurricular record. Each premedicine and predentistry major is assigned an academic adviser from the premedical advisory committee. Your adviser works with you individually and monitors your academic and extracurricular involvement. The program director evaluates the academic credentials of all first- and second-year students; students with a low grade point average may be advised to select an alternate major.

The University established an independent Office of Premedical Programs, which provides information and support for all students interested in applying to a health professional school after graduation. No matter what your major is, you can receive the same support services automatically arranged for formal premedicine and predentistry majors by registering with the Office of Premedical Programs


Premedical Programs

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