The Self and Social Relationships Research Lab

This social psychology lab is led by Dr. Erin O'Mara of the Department of Psychology. It was established in Fall 2011.


  • Sixteen undergraduate students (sophomore through senior) and four graduate students.
  • Student participants are interested in pursuing careers in psychology fields, as well as in college leadership careers.
  • Most participants are psychology majors or minors.


  • Our projects look at the role of positive self-regard and the motivation for self-regard and how it affects psychological well-being and social relationships, independent and interdependent well-being.
  • We are currently collecting data for 2 studies and have additional studies in the works
  • Research will be presented during several poster sessions at the Annual Brother Joseph W. Stander Symposium.

To get involved, email Dr. O'Mara >>

Our Lab Members

Lab Group

Top Row: Adrienne Anderson, Carrie Underwood, Christina Indriolo, Katie Ellis, Anna Syburg. Middle Row: Dr. Erin O'Mara, Bridget Lynch, Erin Brady, Sarah Welling, Sawyer Chambers, Andrew Schwartz, Caitlin Lenze, Kaitlin Boyd. Front Row: Hanna Shultz, Michaela Eames, Morgan Hale, Luke Schamer, Nicholette Smith, Nolan McNulty. Not Pictured: Kristen Auletto, Bridget O'Mera.

Highlight: Caitlin Lenze

Caitlin LenzeGrade level: Senior

How I became involved: "I had her for PSY 217 and she mentioned doing research in one of her classes, and I expressed interest and became a part of the team!"

Favorite part of research: "I love running the creativity study because it's interactive and there is some acting involved which I enjoy."

Plans after graduation: :A year of service."

Highlight: Nicholette Smith

Nicholette SmithGrade level: Senior

How I became involved: "I became involved in the lab as a junior because I was interested social psychology and particularly in interpersonal relationships. I started working on my honors thesis with Dr. O'Mara that semester as well."

Favorite part of research: "I think my favorite part of doing research is just seeing a project develop from beginning to end. I thought it was really cool to start off my thesis with just an idea and get all the way to where I am now, interpreting the results from the data that I collected."

Plans after graduation: "I currently do not know my plans for after graduation. I applied to some graduate programs as well as a few jobs, so I guess I'm playing the waiting game until I hear back and know my options."


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