Core Program Faculty

Faculty members in the General Psychology program have diverse interests, but are all dedicated to providing excellence in education. Areas of interest for the General faculty include social psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, statistics and research design, perception, learning, and forensic psychology.

Because of our large number of faculty with productive research programs, we are able to offer research opportunities organized by five distinct themes:

  1. Biopsychology, Neuropsychology, or Health Psychology (BIO)
  2. Child or Developmental (CD)
  3. Cognition and Perception (CP)
  4. Community Psychology (COM)
  5. Social Behavior and Personality (SOC)

The availability of these research concentrations not only allows for students to work with multiple faculty members in different research domains, but to develop expertise within a larger area of psychological research. These themes cut across the two programs, and therefore, working with faculty outside of one’s chosen program is often possible.

Faculty Interests and Themes

Jack Bauer, Ph.D.

Catholic University of America

Interests: Developmental and personality psychology; identity development; creating meaning and happiness in life; life stories, plans and transitions; higher stages of personality development. GENERAL-CD, SOC.

Melissa Berry, Ph.D.

University of Cincinnati

Interests: Social psychology; forensic psychology; social cognition; causal attribution; counterfactual thinking; health-related behaviors. GENERAL-CP, SOC.

Tracy Butler, Ph.D.

University of Kentucky

Interests: Neuroscience and behavior; environmental and physiological factors that predict high levels of alcohol consumption in preclinical models; neurobiological consequences of alcohol and/or stress in male and female subjects. GENERAL-BIO.

Robert Crutcher, Ph.D.

University of Colorado

Interests: Cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience; human memory; language processes; improving human memory and thinking skills; verbal reports; computer applications and learning. GENERAL-CP; BIO.

Susan Davis, Ph.D.

Miami University

Interests: Experimental / cognitive psychology; memory; aesthetic preferences; preference for faces; change blindness in perception; perceptual and cognitive illusions; and overconfidence. GENERAL-CP.

Greg Elvers, Ph.D.

Purdue University

Interests: Cognitive psychology; embodied cognition; perception; motion induced blindness. GENERAL-CP.

Mary Fuhs, Ph.D.

University of Notre Dame

Interests: Developmental psychology, cognitive development and early intervention. GENERAL-CD.

Benjamin Kunz, Ph.D.

University of Utah

Interests: Cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience; visual sensation and perception; embodied cognition; human factors; virtual reality and human-computer interaction. GENERAL-CP.

R. Matthew Montoya, Ph.D.

University of North Carolina

Interests: Interpersonal attraction, close relationships, intergroup relations, prejudice and discrimination, evolutionary theory, psychophysiology, social cognition. GENERAL-SOC.

Erin O'Mara, Ph.D.

University of Tennessee

Interests: Social Psychology; self & identity; social cognition; self-enhancement; attraction and mate-choice; interpersonal relationships. GENERAL-SOC.

Dario Rodriguez, Ph.D.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice & The Graduate Center, CUNY

Interests: Eyewitness identification evidence; juror decision-making; social cognition; false memories. CP, SOC.

Siman Zhao, Ph.D.

University of Pennsylvania

Interests: Social-emotional development; parenting; peer influence; culture and social changes.  GENERAL-CD.

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