Graduate Programs in Religious Studies

The Department of Religious Studies offers two graduate programs leading to the Master of Arts: theological studies and pastoral ministry. A third program leads to the Doctor of Philosophy in theology. The distinctive research focus of the doctoral program is the practices/praxis of Catholicism as it is inculturated in multiple ways in the United States context. Master's and doctoral students join with their professors to form an ecumenical community that integrates the study of the classical disciplines of Christian theology with attentiveness to the multicultural and interdisciplinary dimensions critical to the contemporary study of religion. Intensive study of Roman Catholic traditions remains central to each graduate program. Both the master's and doctoral programs include basic requirements and allow students flexibility in the remainder of their course selection to ensure that their graduate studies serve their desired outcomes, whether in pursuing further academic work or securing placement in professional ministry. Read more >>

Student Success

Student Profile: Martin Blay

German graduate student and visiting scholar Martin Blay spent three months this semester at the University of Dayton researching his doctoral dissertation on miracles. A native of Bavaria, Germany, Blay attends the University of Regensburg, where his main interests are divine action and analytic metaphysics. He hopes to publish his dissertation and become a Lay minister in his home diocese of Ausenberg by fall.

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