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Social Work: helping others.

Social work is concerned with the human condition and the study of this  discipline provides the knowledge and skills needed in helping others help themselves. Social workers provide services to abused and neglected children, the older adult, families in conflict, and also practice in medical, criminal justice, industrial and mental health settings. Some professionals opt for community planning and private practice. The department’s minor in social work prepares students for entry level positions in these fields as well as for entry into master’s programs.

Minor Requirements

To earn a minor in social work, students are required to take a minimum of 15 semester hours in Social Work, at least 12 of which are at the 300-400 level. No more than 6 semester hours of field-experience credit can be accepted toward the minor. A student choosing a Social Work minor is encouraged to consult with the department chair or a social work faculty member to plan selection of courses.

Opportunities for Students
  • Students minoring in social work often:
  • Present research papers at student symposia.
  • Attend national and regional sociology conferences.
  • Volunteer in a wide range of community service projects.
  • Enjoy academic and social events sponsored by SASSO, the Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work Student Organization.
  • Receive individual academic and career mentoring from faculty.
  • Major in any discipline.
  • Attend symposia with nationally recognized speakers and community leaders.
  • Gain direct field experience through internship placement.
Practical Experience
  • Many juniors and seniors participate in internships which provide the opportunity to relate course material to practical problems of community agencies and businesses.
  • Students also have the opportunity to conduct independent research or assist in faculty research projects.
  • Students work with faculty on graduate school preparation and job placement.

The Social Work Internship is designed for students interested in graduate school, and for students who desire future employment in the social services field. Both clinical and administrative placements are possible. The internship is a supervised field experience with individuals and/or families in an agency setting. Students spend 200 hours in the agency field assignment and a concurrent seminar focuses on basic social work knowledge, values, skills, application to graduate school (MSW), and guides to entry-level employment in human services.

Advanced Degrees
  • Many of our social work minors apply to and are accepted into MSW programs throughout the country.
  • Our faculty work closely with students to help them prepare for graduate school.
  • With a Minor in Social Work, students can go on to graduate study in social work. Graduate departments do not require a bachelor’s degree in social work if they can be convinced of a student’s interests and exposure to social work studies.

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