Our History & Impact

The Fitz Center was created in 2002 by combining Strategies for Responsible Development/INCLUD (1974-1997), Center for the Study of Family Development (1979-2000), Social Science Research Center (1986-2000), and the Center for Family and Community Research (2000-2002). It was built on solid relationships with dozens of neighborhood, community nonprofit and government organizations and associations.

Achievements in Ten Years

  • Genesis Project and Brown Street vision
  • Dayton's Neighborhood School Centers
  • Rivers Institute and Ohio’s Great Corridor
  • Presenters at local, regional and national conferences
  • Leadership in Building Communities Seminar - Relationships with more than 20 Dayton neighborhoods
  • Five student leadership programs: Semester of Service, Dayton Civic Scholars, River Stewards, Neighborhood School Centers interns, and Graduate Community Fellows
  • Central to multiple national recognitions for University of Dayton for its role in the local community
  • The community building focus has attracted national attention and influenced directions of other universities in their communities.
  • The Fitz Center uses highly regarded scholarship (Harvard, Northwestern, MIT, Penn, Kettering Foundation), but the Center believes that new knowledge is created every day in partnership with local citizens.
  • The practiced principles of the Fitz Center are not novel, but the combinations are highly unusual and worthy of careful study.

Find Us.

Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

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