Rubicon House & Urban Leadership Residence

The Rubicon House is a community development initiative to assist in the revitalization of the Rubicon Park district adjacent to the University of Dayton. The student director of the Rubicon House supports University of Dayton faculty, staff and students, as well as area businesses, schools and neighborhood associations. The goal is to build community and social capital, address challenging development issues, and create a neighborhood identity. The Rubicon House serves as a meeting place for the planning of a healthy, vital community and has served as a catalyst for various community initiatives and experiential learning opportunities in and around Rubicon Park. The Rubicon House is located at 1056 Brown Street and has supported strategic analyses of the business district, survey research focused on priority concerns of neighborhood residents, education of school children and their families about lead paint, oral histories of long-time residents, urban experiences for future teachers, tutoring and other service-learning opportunities. The Rubicon House continues in its mission and purpose to serve the neighborhood by incorporating the values of the University and leveraging its Marianist tradition of community building.

The Fitz Center is dedicated to helping students and faculty build bridges with local organizations and form sustainable partnerships with local citizen leaders. A new venture is development of an Urban Residence adjacent to Rubicon House for students interested in becoming involved or already involved in the Dayton community and the study and discussion of urban issues.

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