Research & Scholarship

The research and scholarly efforts of our faculty and staff ensure that all students are educated in a vibrant and engaged environment. Recent research and scholarship projects are listed below.


Ferguson, D., Fitz, R. L. "Dayton's University-Assisted Neighborhood School Centers: Adapting to Local Realities."

Evaluation Reports

Donnelly, B. W. "Findings and Results: 2012 United Irish of Dayton Celtic Festival Satisfaction Survey." Reports submitted annually to United Irish of Dayton, Inc., The Ohio Arts Council, Montgomery County Arts and Cultural District, and other funders. Dayton, OH. (annually September 2001 through September 2012)

University of Dayton Fitz Center for Leadership in Community. "Dayton's Neighborhood School Centers: Restating Purposes and Objectives for Year 6 and Beyond." Report prepared for the Dayton Foundation and other funders (July, 2011)

Donnelly, P. G., Schaller, M., with the assistance of Donnelly, B. W. "University of Dayton Results on the AMU Survey on Civic Engagement." Report submitted to the Association of Marianist Universities. San Antonio, TX. (May 2011)

Donnelly, B. W., Currell, C. "ParentLink-Nurturing Young Parents Program, Final Report." Report submitted to Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley. (March 2011)

Currell, C., Weaver, R., Adams, S. Ferguson, S. "University of Dayton/Old North Dayton School Readiness Collaborative Project." Reports submitted to the Better Way Foundation. (January 2012, January, 2011)

Donnelly, B. W., Currell, C., Porterfield-Spurling, K., Seboldt, P. "End of the Year Report: Teens Making a Choice." Reports to the Office of Adolescent Pregnancy Programs, Office of Population Affairs, United States Department of Health and Human Services, (December 2010, December 2009, and December 2008)

Donnelly, B. W. & Currell, C. (2010). "Evaluation of the Youth Development Program." Reports submitted to the Administration for Children, Youth, and Families, United States Department of Health and Human Services. (October 2010)

Other Projects, Proposals & Grants

Adams, S. M. (Co-Principal), Weaver, H. R. (Co-Principal), Ferguson, S. M. (Co-Principal), Currell, C. C. (Co-Principal). “Full Service Community Schools Grant.” Sponsored by Better Way Foundation, $200,000. (2010 - 2012).

Currell, C., Adams, S. Ferguson, S., Weaver, R. "Ready Families, Ready Children Project." Proposal for funding from the Better Way Foundation. (Pending) Dayton, OH (October, 2012)

Currell, C., Donnelly, B. W. Evaluation and research at A Peace of Mind at Wesley Park: proposal to evaluate the Open Spaces Sacred Spaces grant submitted by Wesley Community Center, Inc. (Pending).  Dayton, OH. (July, 2012)

Donnelly, B. W., Currell, C. Literature review on examples of health and wellness activities in schools and partnerships between Health Departments and schools.  University of Dayton. (May, 2012)

Donnelly, B. W., Currell, C. Data collection, analysis, and report. "Civic Engagement Workshop Evaluation Feedback." (January, 2012)

Donnelly, B. W., Currell, C. Data collection and analysis for the annual “Application for The President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll.” (January 2011, January 2012)

Donnelly, B. W. Data collection and analysis for the Association of Marianist Universities. Assessment of Levels of Civic Engagement of Students at Marianist Universities. (Ongoing, 2009-2012)

Donnelly, B. W., Currell, C. Data collection, analysis, and monthly reports on the activities of Neighborhood School Centers' Site Coordinators and Interns.  Dayton, OH. (Ongoing, 2006-2012)

Donnelly, B. W. Data collection, analysis, summary reports of undergraduate participation in service, service-learning, and civic engagement activities at the University of Dayton. (Ongoing, 2012)

Donnelly, B. W., Brown, M.J. "Gender Equity in Faculty Salaries at the University of Dayton." Report prepared for the Office of the Provost, University of Dayton, Dayton, OH (April 2011)


Currell, C. "The Mission of the Laity Today and My Mission in Social Services." Conference on the Laity, University of Dayton, Dayton OH. (November 12, 2011)

Reeb, R. N., Fitz, R. L., Davidson, W., Suess, G., Majka, T. J., Majka, L. C., Langsner, S., Beale, B. "Service learning research: Toward an exploration of links between student and community outcomes." Annual Meeting, International Association for Research on Service Learning and Community Engagement, Indianapolis, IN. (October 29, 2010)

Currell, C., Richter-Hauk, R. "Lessons from the Field: Ethical Issues Working with Elders in Home-Based Counseling." Annual Meeting of the NASW Ohio Chapter of Social Work Conference, Columbus, OH (October 28, 2010)

Cadegan, U. M., Fitz, R. L., Miller, V. J., O’Brien, D., Ensalaco, M. "Making Invisible Things Visible." Romero Symposium, Roesch Chair in Social Sciences, University of Dayton, Dayton, OH. (March 30, 2010).

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