How does ASI 345 apply to me?

ASI 345: River Leadership can satisfy academic requirements and personal goals in the following ways:

  • This course counts towards a General Education Social Science requirement. As a part of General Education curriculum, all students are required to complete one Social Science course.
  • Have you decided on your cluster yet? Defining your own cluster is always an option. If you do so, this course can count towards your cluster.
  • This course counts towards the completion of a Sustainability, Energy, and the Environment minor. This is a unique, interdisciplinary opportunity here at UD. For more information about SEE please visit their website.
  • Another important aspect of this class is experiential learning. What better way to teach students about the river than to have them spend time on the river? This is accomplished through kayaking, fish shocking, macro invertebrate sampling, and other hands-on activities.


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