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Meet our new executive director. Shelley Inglis will bring 15 years of United Nations' human rights experience to the University of Dayton when she begins her position as the Human Rights Center's executive director Aug. 16.

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Summer 2018

Human Rights in Malawi

In collaboration with Determined to Develop, our programs train future human rights advocates and professionals through applied research in Chilumba, Malawi

The Moral Courage Project: El Paso, Texas

The project develops multi-platform, multi-media products that utilize audio recording, photography, music, and writing to bring advocacy stories to life.

Humanities building

Curran Renzetti Scholarship

This scholarship supports students who wish to travel internationally in specific university-sponsored programs.

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Graduate/Law Summer Grants

This grant supports students to conduct research or advocacy projects around UN Global Compact and SDGs.

Our Work

Transnational Advocacy on Sexualized Violence

Understanding the contested narratives and power dynamics at work within transnational advocacy to improve advocacy strategies and international response on this issue.

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Immigration and Refugees

Our work to facilitate the integration of immigrants and refugees in the Dayton in collaboration with local organizations and leaders.

Nonviolence, teach peace

Nonviolence Initiatives

We investigate sources of violence and recommend effective and enforceable solutions in areas of human trafficking, racism, crime and gun violence.

Moral Courage

Ferguson Voices

The people of Ferguson have a story to tell – and one that the majority of us have not heard or fully understood. A product of the Moral Courage Project, Ferguson Voices a website, exhibit, and a podcast.

STOP Report 2017

STOP provided more than 1700 students, educators, and community members with resources to combat modern-day slavery.


SPHR 2017

The Social Practice of Human Rights SPHR

SPHR17 explored challenges to advocacy posed by racism, xenophobia, and what Pope Francis has termed "the globalization of indifference."

Scholar-Practitioners in Residence

The Center hosts visiting researchers and advocates from around the world, and gives them time and resources to reflect on their work, write, teach and speak.

Romero Award

Blessed Oscar Romero Human Rights Award

This award honors an individual or organization whose work has contributed significantly to the alleviation of human suffering.

OpenGlobalRights Series

  • Fighting for indigenous rights in the Trump era.
     Tereza M. Szeghi
    Read in English | Español 

  • When sexual harassment is reframed as gender-based violence and a human rights violation, rather than just “bad behavior”, it changes the possibilities around responsibility and recourse.  
    — Sarah Davila-Ruhaak 
    Read in English | Español | Français

In the news

The Columbus Dispatch 

Tony Talbott: Keep up Pressure Against Online Sex Ads
May 17, 2018
Tony Talbott, Human Rights Center

Dayton Daily News

UD hires new Human Rights Center director from United Nations
May 15, 2018
Shelley Inglis, Human Rights Center

United Nations

2018 United Nations Global Citizenship Education Seminar
May 9, 2018
Natalie Florea Hudson, Human Rights Studies 

The Role of Global Citizenship Education in the 2030 Agenda and Beyond (UN TV) 
April 26, 2018
Natalie Florea Hudson, Human Rights Studies   

WDTN-TV/Channel 2

North Korea Threatens to Scrap Historic Summit
May 16
Tony Talbott, Human Rights Center

3 Detainees released from North Korea
May 9, 2018
Tony Talbott, Human Rights Center and Abolition Ohio

South and North Korea agree to sign Peace and Unification Treaty
April 27, 2018
Tony Talbott, Human Rights Center and Abolition Ohio

Recently Passed Anti-Human Trafficking Bill is Step in Right Direction
March 25-26, 2018
Tony Talbott, Human Rights Center and Abolition Ohio

Human trafficking a concern with First Four in town
March 12, 2018
Tony Talbott, Human Rights Center and Abolition Ohio
Kristin Johnson, student
Logan Cobbs, student

New York Times

US ends immigration protections for thousands of Hondurans
May 4, 2018
Miranda Hallett, Human Rights Center Faculty Research Fellow

ABC 22/Fox 45

South and North Korea Call for Peace
April 27, 2018
Tony Talbott, Human Rights Center and Abolition Ohio

UD professor and human rights advocate weighs in on federal human trafficking bill
March 25, 2018
Tony Talbott, Human Rights Center and Abolition Ohio

Someone You Should Know 
March 12, 2018
Bradley Petrella, student

An effort today to stop human trafficking 
March 10, 2018
Kristin Johnson, student


Human Trafficking and the First Four
March 13, 2018
Tony Talbott, Human Rights Center and Abolition Ohio

Fox 19, Cincinnati

Ahead of First Four in Dayton, group uses soap to promote human trafficking awareness
March 9, 2018
Gabriella Cipriani, Human Rights Center and Abolition Ohio
Adie Lewis, Abolition Ohio

Stricter Regulations on Massage Parlors Paramount to Tackle Sex Trafficking in Ohio, Experts Say 
March 14, 2018
Tony Talbott, Human Rights Center and Abolition Ohio

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