School Trafficking Outreach Program STOP for Current Students

STOP is a free comprehensive outreach program designed to educate and spread awareness in the Miami Valley about human trafficking and empower the region to understand, prevent, and work to abolish modern day slavery.  STOP utilizes a near-peer model for presentations and are made by University of Dayton students who are certified in Human Trafficking 101 through Abolition Ohio.  Multiple STOP presentations are available and tailored for public, Christian, and parochial schools as well as any community event discussing all forms of human trafficking including labor trafficking, sex trafficking, debt bondage, and all other forms of modern-day slavery.

In addition to the presentations, STOP offers nationally recognized high school and middle school standards-based social studies curricula. STOP equips school faculty, staff, administrators, and community members through awareness training and protocols. Awareness is the first step to abolition.

Abolition Ohio is a partner with the National Educators to Stop Trafficking. NEST is a comprehensive clearinghouse that serves to empower and equip educators by providing youth-focused prevention resources to those committed to eliminating sex trafficking in their communities.

Interested Students

If you are interested in becoming STOP certified please contact our STOP Program Coordinator or Abolition Ohio Director Tony Talbott.

STOP in the News

STOP in the News


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