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Abolition Ohio provides a free program of awareness activities, education, and training to area high schools and middle schools. Beginning Fall 2016, Abolition Ohio will distribute free materials to each high school within the Miami Valley, with plan to later follow up and donate materials to each middle school within the region. 

Educators should be interested in the materials due to the prevalence of human trafficking and its impact on their students. Human trafficking is the modern day slave trade. It is the violent exploitation of human beings for profit and can take the form of labor or sex trafficking. We estimate that there are over 27 million slaves in the world today. Fifty-five percent of human trafficking victims are female and twenty-five percent are children. It is an equal opportunity crime - modern day slaves can be of any race or ethnic group. Human trafficking has been reported in over 160 countries and all 50 US states. Hundreds of cases have been reported in Ohio - including the Miami Valley.

Very few school districts are addressing this major human rights challenge. Those that do will be in a position to spearhead the response to this issue, help protect our vulnerable children, and be recognized as forward-thinking trend-setters. Abolition Ohio and member organizations have developed a youth school outreach program targeting high schools and middle schools The outreach program is applicable to all levels of the school community: students, teachers, administrators, staff, and parents. The superintendents of Catholic Schools for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and Dayton Public Schools have expressed their support for this program.

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Published Resource Materials

Human Trafficking Prevention

Human Trafficking Prevention Education: Guidance for Implementation of Youth Programs

Ohio Attorney General's Human Trafficking Commission and University of Dayton Human Rights Center


School Trafficking Outreach Program in the Miami Valley

school districtsCurrent Progress:

  • Total Number of Schools = 92
  • Number of Schools Contacted = 34
  • Number of Schools Given Materials = 12

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Additional Programming

Additional programming available upon request:

  • Awareness materials, resources, and activities for school and community (websites, reading lists, posters, brochures, factsheets, and awareness pins)
  • Awareness training for all faculty, staff, and administrators
  • Portable museum exhibit that can be displayed in schools
  • Teams of certified Human Trafficking Trainers who are University of Dayton undergraduate students—for classroom presentations and meetings with student clubs. S.T.O.P. >
  • School-wide assembly
  • Ohio Department of Education human trafficking awareness webinar series (developed in conjunction with Abolition Ohio)
  • Please contact STOP Coordinator for further information.

Youth Outreach and Education Subcommittee

  • Elisabeth Friel, Ascension School  
  • Doris Moore
  • Katie Talbott, Kettering Fairmont HS  
  • Denise Uhl-Jenkins, Care House

STOP Volunteers

Mistan Bailey John Howard
Brett Bogan Amber Ireland
Rhonda Brown Diane Ivan
Sheila Crane Terri Marchinoi
Randy Cummins Doris Moore
Shawn Dietz Bro. Don Neff
Randy Frank Paula Schlotterbeck
Elisabeth Friel Pat Schultz
Andrew Hedges Kristi Teeters

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