Our Principles

The most effective advocacy strategies address the systemic causes of human right violations. They are directed at bringing about transformative change to entrenched patterns of social injustice.

As we continue conversations at the center of a global, dynamic research and advocacy community, we have set in motion programs and projects with diverse partners to deepen our vital commitment to advancing the theory and practice of human rights advocacy through education, research, and dialogue.

In dialogue with the Catholic social justice tradition:

  • We promote communication and collaboration between human rights researchers and advocates.
  • We conduct critical research to advance the theory and practice of transformative human rights advocacy.
  • We prepare human rights researchers of the future with the knowledge, skills and values to effect real change in the lives of the poor and the persecuted.
  • We partner with human rights nongovernmental organizations, learn from them and provide them with the analytical support to strengthen their capacity to respond to existing and emerging threats to human dignity.