Forced Displacement and Exploitation

The forced displacement of persons due to natural disasters, ecological destruction, conflict, poverty and a host of other factors is a global reality with grave human rights and humanitarian consequences. Uprooted from their communities, the poor are forced to migrate or flee and almost invariably face discrimination based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, class and immigration status. Exploitation, through abusive labor practices, forced labor and sex trafficking, is a fact of the lived experience of many forcibly displaced and stateless persons.

For more than a decade, University of Dayton faculty members have been engaged in research and advocacy projects concerning migrant rights, refugee resettlement and trafficking in persons. The Human Rights Center will build on this expertise and experience by conducting research on the root causes of displacement and exploitation and forming academic, NGO, government and corporate partnerships with a view to developing and implementing evidence-based advocacy strategies to assist migrants, refugees and trafficked persons and prevent the exploitation of these groups.

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