Poverty and Integral Human Development

The persistence of extreme poverty in a multitrillion-dollar global economy is a grave human rights concern as well as a root cause of maternal and infant mortality, conflict, forced displacement and a host of other critical problems. The adoption of the rights-based approach to development in the 1980s led many of the NGOs to address systemic patterns of injustice, including government and corporate corruption that perpetuate poverty. By bringing universal human rights standards to bear on governments’ economic policies and multilateral agencies’ corporate practices, the rights-based approach creates important synergies in the work of development and humanitarian and human rights NGOs.

The Human Rights Center, as an academic center of a Catholic university, applies the Catholic social justice approach to questions of poverty and integral human development. Our partnership with Catholic Relief Services is an expression of this affinity.

Poverty and development is one of the principal themes of the Human Rights Center’s advocacy research. More specifically, the Human Rights Center will monitor the implementation of the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals the global community will adopt to replace the UN Millennium Development Goals set in 2000.

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