Human rights education lies at the heart of the Center’s and the University of Dayton’s mission. The Center supports human rights academic programs through the nation’s first undergraduate human rights minor and major in the College of Arts and Sciences as well as academic collaborations throughout the professional schools of the University.

Bachelor of Arts

Human Rights Studies

Housed in the Department of Political Science, the Human Rights Studies Program offers the B.A. in Human Rights Studies, an interdisciplinary pre-professional degree firmly grounded in traditional liberal arts.

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Human & Civil Rights Law Concentration

School of Law Collaborative

This concentration prepares students for a wide range of roles as human rights and civil liberties advocates, including as a civil rights litigator, immigration law attorney, international human rights monitor, or prosecutor in an international criminal tribunal.

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President 12.10.18
Radical Love

Every person deserves dignity. Every person deserves a voice. When our students advocate for the vulnerable, they become a voice for the voiceless in a world that is not always just. Their stories give me faith in the future. And their mindset is one we want to cultivate in all graduates, no matter their degree.

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Human Rights 12.04.18
Human Rights Alumni

McLean Johnson ’12 is one of several alumni showcasing the wide range of career possibilities available to graduates of the University of Dayton’s landmark human rights studies program, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

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The driving force behind the Center is a diverse group of dedicated faculty, staff, and students each bringing their own expertise and knowledge to our work in the human rights arena.

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