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Graduate/Law Student Research and Advocacy Grants

The Human Rights Center supports research and advocacy on pressing human rights issues around the world and locally. The center also is a key stakeholder of the University of Dayton’s engagement with the UN Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals. In light of these priorities, we annually select a cohort of University of Dayton graduate and law students and award them a stipend to support developing and implementing research or advocacy projects.

The students form an interdisciplinary cohort focused on human rights research and advocacy connected to the UN SDGs. The goal of the fellowship is to support the next generation of human rights scholar-practitioners and to promote understanding and implementation of the Global Goals and Agenda 2030. 

Summer 2018

  • Appropriate Technology and Sustainable Development Goals Initiatives in Ghana
     Erin Peiffer, School of Engineering - Renewable and Clean Energy

  • Shifting Immigration Policies and Programs at the US-Mexico Border and in Mexico: Effects on those within and outside of the United States Southern Border
    — Sara French, School of Law 

  • "People's Tribunals" as Tools for Justice in Human Rights Violation Cases 
    — Stephanie Bello, School of Law 

  •  Legal Barriers Facing Migrant Agricultural Workers in Ohio
    Alysa Medina, School of Law 

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