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Malawi Research Practicum on Rights & Development

 About the Program

The Malawi Research Practicum on Rights & Development is a nine-week applied research experience for undergraduate students in Chilumba, Malawi. 

The practicum gives undergraduate students the opportunity to gain graduate level research and fieldwork experience on topic areas relevant to the development and human rights issues impacting Malawi. The students conduct individual research projects based on community-identified needs and facilitated by Determined to Develop.

The University of Dayton provides full travel support and program fees including living expenses for all selected students. 


The application deadline for Summer 2018 has passed.
Application for Summer 2019 will be open in Fall 2018.

Program details:

Selected participants will begin preparation for their research and travel through a mini-course in the Spring Semester. In addition to acquiring skill bases in the areas of quantitative and qualitative research, practicum students become sensitive to the personal issues that may encounter in acclimating to the Malawi setting and the ethical considerations they will confront as they conduct research. Upon return to campus after their fieldwork and summer break, participants enroll in a re-entry credit bearing course that guides them in preparing research products in formats that contributes to continuing development work “on the ground” in the Malawi research setting.

This program handbook is intended to provide an overview of the year-long program including the nine weeks in Malawi, participation terms and conditions, and highlight the importance of the research component of the program.

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