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The centerpiece of the project will be the collection of interviews, photographs, and other materials documenting instances of moral courage in post-conflict settings. A team of UD students and faculty, trained by PROOF on ethics and methodology of collecting witness testimony, will travel to designated areas domestically and abroad to gather this data. Building on PROOF’s existing work in Bosnia, Rwanda, Cambodia and Sri Lanka, this team will continue to document instances of moral courage. We anticipate conducting research trips annually to diverse locations, foreign and domestic. Our goal is to collect the records in an accessible archive at the Human Rights Center, as a living archive, available to students, researchers and advocacy organizations.

Ferguson, 2016

In May 2016, the Moral Courage Project will travel to Ferguson, Missouri to provide a platform for people to tell stories of their experiences during the 2014 protests. We hope to be able to explore the origins of unrest in Ferguson and investigate how and why it became the birthplace of a national movement for the civil and human rights of African Americans.

The research team consists of 10 UD students from across majors under the leadership of Joel R. Pruce, assistant professor of human rights studies, Leora Kahn, Executive Director of PROOF and UD Human Rights Center Fellow, and Jimmie Briggs, human rights activist and documentary journalist.

Students will be trained in human rights, testimony taking, forensic interviewing, media production, and other skills pertinent to storytelling. The group hopes to produce a range of materials from their time in Ferguson including academic research and public presentations (photo essays, podcasts, videos, etc.).

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