Nonviolence Initiatives

The problem

Violence can be defined as the intent or act of doing harm to an individual or a group of people. It is a very broad term and encompasses numerous societal and political conflicts. The roots of violence are many because they sprout from unexpected and diverse sources. Often the sources interact to make violence a complex societal phenomenon. However, an analysis of the sources of violence is an exercise of paramount importance for developing an effective set of solutions and policies.

The Nonviolence Initiatives investigate and delineate sources of all forms of violence and recommend effective and enforceable solutions. For example, social violence is a class of human rights infringements emanating from social traditions, and includes the institutions of slavery, caste systems, racism, apartheid, human trafficking, drug trafficking, inequality and criminal gangs.

The purpose

Global peace, social harmony and long-term prosperity require a culture which is free from abuse, exploitation, and all forms of violence. To attain such a culture every citizen needs to develop and embrace the knowledge and skills needed to honor human rights, gender equality, global citizenship, and cultural diversity. The Nonviolence Initiatives are designed to promote the  desirable attributes of a nonviolent culture.

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