Research Panels 3

These research panels take place on Friday, October 2 from 2:15 to 3:45 pm.

Humanitarian Concerns

Moderator: Alexandra Budabin

To Adapt or Not to Adapt? Accommodating Change in Humanitarian Response, presented by Emily K. M. Scott, University of Toronto

Crafting the Humanitarian Narrative: Development Organizations and Cause-Marketing Campaigns, presented by Alexandra Budabin, University of Dayton

Realizing the Right to Sport to Address the Socialization and Trauma Healing of Children in Refugee Camps, presented by Konstantinos Koutsioumpas, University of Massachusetts Boston

Double Jeopardy - The Rights of Refugees in Marginalized Communities in the Middle East, presented by Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous, Notre Dame University of Louaize - Lebanon

Rethinking Rights

Moderator: Jamie Longazel

Indignation, or, Reconsidering the Place of Dignity in Human Rights Theory and Practice, presented by Michael Goodhart, University of Pittsburgh

To Err is Human Rights: Toward a Pragmatist Activism, presented by Geoff Dancy, Tulane University

A 'Revolution of Values' in Immigrant Rights Advocacy, presented by Jamie Longazel, University of Dayton

On Solid Ground: Evaluating the Effects of Foundational Arguments on Human Rights Attitudes, presented by Joe Brun and Stephen Arves, University of Maryland

Sexual Violence and Human Trafficking

Moderator: Samantha Majic

Anti-Sex Trafficking Hysteria, False Narratives and the Rights of Sex Workers, presented by Lonya Humphrey, Wayne State University

Linking History to Practice: Mapping the History of Nigeria as a Tool to Combat Human Trafficking Today, presented by Robin P Chapdelaine, Denison University

Lights, Camera, Policy? Examining Celebrity-driven Anti-sex Trafficking Campaigns, presented by Samantha Majic, John Jay College-CUNY

Silencing Women’s Agency and Forgetting Sexual Violence: Challenges in Realizing Women Survivors’ Human Rights, presented by Katarina Lucas, New School: Working Group on Women, Peace & Security

Roundtable: Teaching Human Rights Inside and Outside the Classroom: Education Without Borders

Moderator: Shayna Plaut

Teaching Human Rights Inside and Outside the Classroom: Education Without Borders, presented by Shayna Plaut, Simon Fraser University | Lisa Brock and Alice Kim, Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership | Carol Gray, University of Connecticut | William Simmons, University of Arizona

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