Research Panels 2

These research panels take place on Friday, October 2 from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm.

Human Rights Education

Moderator: Carol Gray

Oral History as a Methodology for Teaching Human Rights,
presented by Carol Gray, University of Connecticut

Disciplining Human Rights, presented by Sarita Cargas, University of New Mexico

Mapping the Current State of Human Rights Education in Journalism Education, presented by Shayna Plaut, Simon Fraser University

Framing Human Rights

Moderator: John H. Davis  Jr.

An Experimental Examination of the Efficacy of Human Rights Campaigns: Gender Differences and Stereotypes, presented by Matthew Krain, Michele Leiby and Angie Bos, The College of Wooster

From Acceptable Loss to Unacceptable Harm: How Norm Entrepreneurs Co-opted the Human Rights Discourse, presented by Danielle K. Scherer | Taylor Benjamin-Britton, Temple University

Contemporary Rhetoric, Ethics, and Human Rights Advocacy, presented by Richard K. Ghere and Kathleen Watters, University of Dayton

Human Rights: East vs. West, presented by John H. Davis Jr., Denison University

Migrants and Minorities

Moderator: Tereza M. Szeghi

Literature and Human Rights Violations in U.S. Borderlands, presented by Tereza M. Szeghi, University of Dayton

The Migrant Rights Gap: How Non-State Actors Meet the Unrecognized Economic and Social Rights of Undocumented, presented by Barbara Frey, University of Minnesota | Melissa Pardo, University of Mexico

Promoting Immigrant and Human Rights at the Local Level: A Case Study of the Welcome Dayton Initiative, presented by Theo Majka and Jamie Longazel, University of Dayton

Human Rights in Russian-Occupied Crimea, presented by Jaro Bilocerkowycz, University of Dayton

Justice and Judicial Systems

Moderator: Haley Duschinski

Gunsmoke and Mirrors: Transitional Justice Implementation During Armed Conflict in Uganda, presented by Cyanne E. Loyle, Indiana University

Enforced Disappearances in México: A Good Practice on Human Rights Governance through Systematization of Experiences in Search of Justice and Truth, presented by Luis Eduardo Zavala de Alba, Yale University

Imagining International Justice in Post-Genocide Cambodia, presented by Haley Duschinski and Samantha Rommel, Ohio University

Democratizing Human Rights from Below: Blacklisted Workers at the European Court of Human Rights, presented by Filiz Kahraman, University of Washington

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