Post-Doctoral Fellows

The Center’s Post-Doctoral Fellows program brings to campus newly minted Ph.D’s working on various human rights issues with novel approaches. The fellowships enable these scholars to revise their doctoral dissertations for publications as scholarly books or to produce articles for publications in peer-reviewed journals as well as papers for delivery at academic conferences. The fellows teach courses in the Human Rights Studies program, organize and participate in the Human Rights Colloquia series and help plan the Center’s biennial Social Practice of Human Rights conference.

Kristy A. Belton is the current Post-Doctoral Fellow. Dr. Belton’s work centers upon the politics of belonging, with an emphasis on statelessness and undocumented migrants. She has numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes, with her most recent book chapter focusing on the socioeconomic rights of stateless persons. As a statelessness expert, Dr. Belton’s work is gaining traction in policy-making circles. She was invited to present her research at the “Jornada de Diálogo sobre el Derecho a la Nacionalidad y el Estado de Derecho en República Dominicana” in Santo Domingo where various Dominican NGOs, public officials and legal experts discussed the problem of statelessness in that country. She most recently served as a consultant for the Norwegian Refugee Council during the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ Caribbean sub-regional meeting on the Cartagena 30+ Plan of Action for the region.

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