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Human rights actors can strengthen their legitimacy, strategies and constituencies through critical debate and unique public opinion data. Established in 2013, OpenGlobalRights is a web-based, multilingual platform with a mission to support rights-based NGOs, donors and scholars in developing effective strategies through critical exchanges, opinion research, and customized strategic planning.

It strives to foster “vibrant, multi-lingual discussions on pressing issues” of concern or relevance to the human rights movement, prioritizing voices from the global South. In the first two and a half years of its existence, OGR published over 1400 articles and translations and engaged over 530,000 readers from over 140 countries.

Research and dialogue can help propel the human rights community forward by connecting research to practice and fostering greater self-reflection and constructive critique within the community.

The Human Rights Center teamed up with OpenGlobalRights to feature a series of SPHR17 articles and content to grow conversations. 

Visit www.openglobalrights.org and follow @openRights_oD to join the conversation.

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