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Human rights actors can strengthen their legitimacy, strategies and constituencies through critical debate and unique public opinion data. Established in 2013, OpenGlobalRights is a web-based, multilingual platform with a mission to support rights-based NGOs, donors and scholars in developing effective strategies through critical exchanges, opinion research, and customized strategic planning.

The Center teamed up with OpenGlobalRights to feature a series of SPHR 2017 conference articles and content and grow conversations. 

OGR-SPHR17 Series 

  • With Nationalism Rising, do global human rights still have mass appeal? 
    Joel R. Pruce
    Read in English | Español 

  • Learning and Unlearning the Alchemy of Human Rights Education. 
     Shayna Plaut
    Read in  العربية | Deutsch |English | Español | Français

  • Fighting for indigenous rights in the Trump era.
     Tereza M. Szeghi
    Read in English | Español 

  • When sexual harassment is reframed as gender-based violence and a human rights violation, rather than just “bad behavior”, it changes the possibilities around responsibility and recourse.  
    — Sarah Davila-Ruhaak 
    Read in English | Español | Français|

  • Human Rights "Light": using rhetoric to unite disparate disciplines.
     Tony Talbott 
    Read in  العربية | English | Español | Français 

  • The U.S. role in forced migration from the Middle East.
     Azadeh Shahshahani
    Read in  العربية  | English 

  • Research offers tough love to improve human rights practices.
    — Joel R. Pruce
    Read in العربية | English | Español | Français 

  • Tailoring the message: How the political left and right think differently about human rights
    — Joe Braun and Stephen Arves
    Read in English 
SPHR 2017 Video

Concluding Plenary


SPHR 2017 Video

Concluding Plenary



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