Course Offerings

Course Offerings

The following courses in sustainability are offered by the University of Dayton. View descriptions in the online Academic Catalog.

College of Arts and Sciences

ASI 320: Cities and Energy
ASI 322: Cities and suburbs: influence of place
ASI 345: River Leadership curriculum

BIO 101: Life, environment, and society
BIO 152: Concepts of biology II: evolution and ecology
BIO 310: Ecology
BIO 320: Marine biology
BIO 359: Sustainability and the biosphere
BIO 395: Global environmental biology
BIO 407: Plant diversity and ecology
BIO 409: Ecological restoration
BIO 452: Biology of rivers and lakes
BIO 459: Environmental ecology
BIO 489: Mycology
BIO 509: Ecological restoration

CHM 200: Chemistry and society
CHM 234: Energy resources

ENG 342: Literature and environment

GEO 103: Principles of geography
GEO 109: Earth, environment, and society
GEO 208: Environmental geology
GEO 234: Energy resources
GEO 309: Surface and groundwater hydrology
GEO 450: Applied GIS
GEO 455: Remote Sensing
GEO 550: Applied GIS
GEO 555: Remote Sensing
GEO 560: Advanced applications of GIS

HST 342: Environmental history of the Americas
HST 359: History of American city planning
HST 499: Food justice

MPA 526: Leadership in building communities
MPA 556: Environmental policy

PHL 310: Social philosophy: food justice
PHL 321: Environmental ethics
PHL 334: Philosophy and ecology

PHY 220: Energy and environmental physics

POL 300: Environmental rights, justice, and the law
POL 371: Environmental policy
POL 426: Leadership in building communities

REL 472: Ecology and religion

SCI 230: Organisms, evolution, and the environment

SEE 250: Introduction to sustainability, energy, and environment
SEE 301: Global change and earth systems
SEE 303: Constructions of place
SEE 401: Sustainability research I
SEE 402: Sustainability research II

SOC 329: Racial and ethnic issues
SOC 339: Social inequality
SOC 351: Urban sociology
SOC 352: Community: food justice
SOC 368: Immigration and immigrants
SOC 392: Food justice
SOC 411: Crime and inequality

SSC 200: Social science CAP, Globalization

UDI 262: Exploring sustainability, energy, and environment
UDI 316: River Steward experience I
UDI 324: Living simply and sustainably
UDI 416: River Steward experience II

School of Engineering

CEE 560: Biological processes in wastewater engineering (cross-listed as BIE 560)
CEE 562: Physical and chemical water and wastewater treatment processes

CME 430: Chemical engineering design I
CME 431: Chemical engineering design II
CME 560: Biological processes in wastewater engineering
CME 562: Physical and chemical water and wastewater treatment processes
CME 563: Hazardous water engineering
CME 575: Fundamentals of air pollution engineering II

EGR 103: Engineering innovation
EGR 330: Engineering design and appropriate technology

MEE 420: Energy efficient buildings
MEE 456: Energy systems engineering
MEE 457: Building energy information
MEE 461: Solar energy engineering
MEE 462: Geothermal energy engineering
MEE 464: Sustainable energy systems
MEE 472: Design for environment
MEE 473: Renewable energy systems
MEE 478: Energy efficient manufacturing
MEE 490: Geothermal energy systems
MEE 490: Renewable energy systems
MEE 490: Wind energy engineering
MEE 511: Advanced thermodynamics
MEE 524: Electrochemical Power
MEE 590: Solar energy engineering

RCL 507: Materials advanced energy applications
RCL 511: Advanced thermodynamics
RCL 524: Electrochemical power
RCL 533: Biofuel production processes
RCL 556: Energy systems engineering
RCL 557: Building energy informatics
RCL 561: Solar energy engineering
RCL 562: Geothermal energy engineering
RCL 563: Wind energy engineering
RCL 564: Sustainable energy systems
RCL 568: Internal combustion engines
RCL 569: Energy efficient buildings
RCL 571: Design of thermal systems
RCL 572: Design for the environment
RCL 573: Renewable energy systems
RCL 578: Energy efficient manufacturing
RCL 583: Advanced photovoltaics

School of Business Administration

ECO 435: Economics of the environment
ECO 485: Urban and regional economies

School of Education and Health Sciences

HSS 302: Global and cultural nutrition


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