• Jesse Philips Humanities Center – Replace existing motors for three air handling units with NEMA premium efficient motors (total of six motors), and install a variable speed drive to control each motor. Cost $24,974.00, annual energy savings 445,546 kWh, simply payback 0.8 years. (Completed 8/9/2016)
  • Replace parking lot lighting in lots "B", "P", "CH" with new LED fixtures – Currently there are 72 high-pressure sodium fixtures; they will be replaced with 32 LED fixtures. Cost $44,731.00, annual energy savings 124,010.94 kWh, simple payback 5 years. (Completed 8/15/2016)
  • RecPlex Gym Lights – Replace 40 HID fixtures in the four court gym and 16 fixtures in the auxiliary gym with LED fixtures that have daylight harvesting and occupancy controls. Cost $55,932.74, annual energy savings 267,377 kWh, simple payback 3 years. (Completed 8/15/2016)
  • St. Marys Hall – LED retrofit of newly renovated office space. Cost $1,980.00, annual energy savings 14,178 kWh, simple payback 2 years. (In progress)
  • Kennedy Union – Retrofit lights with LED in the main lobby, Torch Lounge, & Copy Center. Costs $635.00, annual energy savings 31,673 kWh, simple payback 0.3 years. (Completed 8/5/2016)
  • Marianist Hall Emporium – Lighting Retrofit to LED. Cost $1,592.71, annual energy savings 14,069 kWh, simple payback 1.4 years, (Completed 8/8/2016)
  • Bombeck Family Learning Center – Upgraded gym lights to LED. Cost $1,516, annual energy savings 4,992 kWh, simple payback 3.6 years. (Completed 5/6/2017)
  • Food Waste Pulper – Install a grinder/centrifuge for processing food waste from the Kennedy Union dining hall. Allows for improved composting procedures. Cost $107,335, waste hauling savings (672 gallons of diesel/year, 55 tons of waste/year, other savings), simple payback 5.5 years. (In progress)
  • “Sustainability in Our Neighborhood” Initiative – This program will encourage residents of the student neighborhood to practice energy conservation, by informing them of them of their energy use performance and offering tips and programs to help them save energy and live more sustainably. Residents will get a monthly report showing the relative energy performance of their house compared to a unique baseline, and top performers will be rewarded. The GRF is providing funds to cover a graduate student to do software development and data analysis for the program, as well as initial prize money. Cost (undisclosed in the interest of student privacy), predicted annual energy savings 40,000 ccf natural gas, 250,000 kWh, water savings unknown, simple payback 0.3 years. (In progress)
  • Bulk T8LED Phase 1 – Retrofit 5000+ T8 fluorescent lamps with T8LED replacements in various locations around campus. Cost $3,527.26, annual energy savings 262,389 kWh, simple payback 0.2 years. (Completed 7/18/2017)
  • O’Reilly Hall Interior Lighting Upgrade – Upgrade T8 fluorescent lamps to T8LED. Cost $3,004, annual energy savings 12,679 kWh, simple payback 4.4 years. (In progress)

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