Trend Lab

Awards and Honors


  • NSF CAREER award recipient
  • Nominated for the Blavatnik National Award
  • Selected for the Academic Leadership for Women in Engineering program run through SWE
  • Inaugural 2017 STEM Catalyst Grants, University of Dayton – 2017 Pitychoutis PM (PI). Engineering of a cutting-edge transgenic mouse model to decipher novel calcium circuits implicated in the neurobiology of ADHD.


  • University of Dayton School of Engineering Vision Award for Excellence


  • Barry Goldwater Scholarship in Excellence and Education Sens J (Undergraduate Fellow) and Pitychoutis PM (Mentor). Dissecting the antidepressant-like effects of ketamine in mice: Does sex matter? 
  • SOCHE: The Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education) Faculty Excellence Award